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JJ - June 2

My doctor has prescribed Mobic for pain but I do not take it very regularly. I try to minimize the meds and take just what is needed. I take Elavil regularly -- it definitely helps get me into the deep restful sleep which minimizes most of my pain.


Debra - June 6

Hi:JJ Thanks for your reply.What is your age if you dont mind me asking.And how long have you had fibromyalgia.Take care. Debra.


JJ - June 6

No prob. I am 48. I am not sure how long I have had FMS. I started having what I now recognize as FMS symptoms when I began taking care of my father with alzheimers and my mother with metastatic breast cancer (while working full time and raising three kids). I kind of held myself together when taking care of my parents and once they both died I kind of fell apart. I am pretty sure that the stress is what brought it on. I would guess I have had this about 8 - 10 years.


Debra - June 7

Hi:JJ Thanks for your reply.You are a very strong person to have gone through what you have.I'm truly very sorry to hear about the loss of your parents.That is extremley hard.Do you have a Friend,Husband or family member to help you and your kids?.I hope you will be o.k. I will pray for you to be well.Take care.Debra.


JJ - June 7

Everyone has been pretty understanding.My boss at work has been most understanding. Once my mother became terminal with cancer, I went on a part time status at work (this was before the FMS diagnosis). After her death, they asked if I would come back full time and I told them I just didn't think I could physcially "do it all" anymore and wanted to remain part time as long as they would let me. Here is it 6 years later and I am still part time and loving the extra time it has given me with my kids. I am still active in my engineering career and hope to step it back up to full time, if God will give me the health to do so, once my youngest is in college. My husband has always been one to help around the house. He really does his share and more. The only area I need to work on harder is free time for myself. I have little time to spend resting, relaxing, enjoying friends. My life is pretty much centered around work and taking care of the kids.


JJ - June 7

and Debra, thank you so much for all of your kind words and well wishes for everyone.


Debra - June 9

Hi: JJ Thanks again.I feel that all of out here are like one big family.I get more support and kindness out here then i do from my family.I think your great.Take Care. Debra.


Debra - June 20

Hi:JJ I'd like to know how your doing and what type of doctor are you seeing for your fibromyalgia.Take care. Debra


JJ - June 20

I see a rheumatologist for my FMS.

I am doing pretty lousy today. Very achy with neck pain and pain/stiffness in my calves. I was in a car accident last week (rear-ended while I was minding my own business sitting at a stop light) but I don't think that is why my neck is hurting -- I hardly moved during the impact. I also came down with a horrilbe stomache virus Friday night and I am thinking the stress of the accident, being sick over the weekend, and now having family arriving tonight to visit for a week has sent my into an episode of pain. And I have a deadline to meet today and here I am reading the FMS message board.


Debra - September 15

Hi:JJ I'm so sorry to hear that you were in an accident.Are you o.k. now??.I have not been out here for many months.I would have gotten back to you sooner.Has your family been there for you?.Have you recovered from you accident?.I hope to hear from you soon.Please take good care of yourself.Always Debra....P.S.I think you know that there have been someone out here online pretending to be me.I hope that they were not playing with you.


JJ - September 15

The accident was minor. I ended up with the flu and pneumonia that lasted for a month after that, so pretty crazy summer. All seems ok right now. Thanks for asking.


Smash - September 16

There is a doctor (pathologist-immunologist) in Scarborough (accessible by ttc thankfully, I live downtown) who teamed up with a naturalpath and run a practice dealing soley with FMS and CFS patients. Previous to going to her, I was told she was at the forefront of Canadian research and treatment on FMS. They have changed my life in the last year. I would check her out, I'm not sure if she is accepting patients right now but if you want to talk about it send me an email at [email protected] :)

She just had a new book come out:


Debra - September 16

Hi: Smash I dont have e-mail at this moment.Its been down for a few days.How has this doctor helped you??I'm happy for you that you seem to have a very possitive outlook about your health.


Debra - September 16

Hi:JJ thanks for your reply.I'm glad that your o.k..How has your pain been for you this summer?.Has the heat helped or has it made it worse for you


my GOD! - September 16

what about your BIG goodbye post? I thought you were leaving....... BYE!


NONO - September 16




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