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Pain Diary... or, my lack of discipline
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seedbeads - February 11

All my doc said to me was "keep a pain diary." That's a pretty general statement for someone who over-thinks things as much as I do. I can't decide how much information to give or when I should make note of things... I mean, if I were to write down every single instance of pain in any given day, I'd spend most of my day writing and my last entry would be "severe hand cramp."

Is there a template out there, or at least a list of things I should be keeping track of? Also, how do you keep motivated to write in it every day? After about 3 days I can't be bothered.


January - February 11

Ask your doctor what he needs to know!

Meanwhile, here's a template. Get a notebook, make four columns:
Date/time; Pain description; Rating; Quality.

Every morning note how you feel when you wake up, where the pain is (all over, headache or in a joint), and give it a rating 1-10. (Mild to severe). Note the quality of pain - is it dull, aching, sharp, shooting, pins and needles, radiating?

Then, at night, note the same information. Write what you can remember about your pain during the day, and how you feel at bedtime.

Use the opposing page for extra, longer notes, make sure to write down the date: then write anything out of the ordinary that you notice. f you do something strenuous, or get a virus, or eat something strange, or have unusual symptoms, note that. A lot of people have flareups when the barometric pressure changes, when storms come thru, so note that. Things will begin to make sense to you, just because you start noticing them. It's all about awareness.

Pain diaries are very, very helpful. It will just take a few minutes. Keep the notebook by your bed. Good luck to you!


kvc33 - February 12

I would also log how many hours you slept the night before and what your quality of sleep was like because that can have a big impact on the amount of pain you have the next day, at least for me it does.
January gave you some very good suggestions.



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