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Pain in buttocks
8 Replies
Mia Dees - July 18

I've been diagnosed with fibromialgia. Been sore all over for quite a while now... having a horrid time trying to sit . .the pain in the tender points in my buttock is just unbearable.. The doctor gave me Neurontin and i've been taking that for pain.. it's helping with the pain in my knees.. but not the pains in my buttocks.. I've even been on prednizone and that helped but of course they couldn't leave me on that for long due to the side affects.. Has anyone else had trouble with sitting due to pain in the buttocks area?


aliciasue - July 27

i too have same problem


aliciasue - July 27

icant sit to long.without feeling like i have charliehorses,and tightness and pain in my buttocks too .i find a heating pad helps,sometims anice hot bathhelps dr put me on amitrip for nerve pain to.itake that at night.did you know .this med is used for diabetic nevre pain.also lyrica works too .this is another kind of nerve pain med,ihear it works.i hope this helps. good luck..........


BreeZ - July 31

I've had trouble with pain in buttocks area also.. Feels like i'm sitting on very tight sore muscles..I've had cortisone injections at a pain clinic and this didn't help.. Ice packs seem to help me and lots of walking.. sitting for long just aggravates the problem


Darlene Gallagher - August 1

Yes, and everywhere else! Ultram works the best for me. Darlene


melvian - August 9

I'm with you, I have a painful tailbone. When my chiro adjusts me there I about come unglued. No one really knows what to do for it, either.


barbkeddy - September 12

I too have the same thing.
It also affects my groin area and often difficulty in walking. I have charleyhorses often!
see my website for discussion of charley horses;


Robin1237 - September 19

Well, I have some news for you. I believe fibro is Lyme diseae, a bacterial infection. Go to to learn about it and what people are doing for it. We generally need antibiotics.


linda brown - September 29

yes, i can't sit long in one place without having to get up. i can hardly sit and type. it's awful. i get numb there also, do you?



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