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Painful ulcers on tongue.
8 Replies
fibromite.u.k. - June 2

Does anyone else get really painful large ulcers on the tongue?

I started a nasty one back in January, which I still have despite using bonjella on it (a gel for ulcers), and then some steriod tablets to melt on it which the doctor gave me. I have been sent to see a specialist about it and am now waiting to have a biopsy on 29th June, although he says he doesn't think it is anything to worry about, and in actual fact, it has now gone down a lot in size.

However, in the last two weeks, I now have a really sore large one under the side of my tongue and now yet another one on the end of my tongue. They get so uncomfortable and often throb.

I just wondered if it is yet another perk of fibromyalgia, or could it be stress as I am under a lot of stress just now.

When I got the first one, I was very ill with Swine flu and was in bed for a month. That was back in January, but I don't really feel that I have got back to how I was before that (although that wasn't great by any means).

Any suggestions or ideas would be very welcome.


Fantod - June 2

I have a friend who has Sjogren's and FMS. She also has a condition called Lichen Planus which causes a lot of problems in her mouth and skin in general. She gets open sores that won't heal.

I know you've been having such a difficult time with your health. It seems that it is just one thing after another. I think of you so often and hope that things are going to improve. God bless.


Cher0208 - June 2


I sometimes get them and they can take a few weeks to go away. They are extremely painful and I usually have a hard time getting through the day when I get them. I always assumed they were canker sores. Not sure if it is the same or different from what you get. One time a doctor gave me the best tip any doctor has ever giving me. She told me to rinse with BAKING SODA when you get a sore in your mouth. It instantly balances the ph and kills most of the pain. So try rinsing with warm water and baking soda a few times a day and stay away from anything acidic while you have them. I also alternate between the warm water and baking soda and warm water and sea salt through out the day. They go away a lot quicker now!!

Hope this helps you.
Good luck with your tests!


kvc33 - June 2

I use a mouthwash called Sterisol that is for mouth sores but Cher's idea is a good one too. I have been told that sores can be caused my stress or food allergies.


fibromite.u.k. - June 2

Hi and thank-you for all your kind replies and help. I will get some baking soda tomorrow and try what you suggest Cher.

I am under a lot of stress just now, so wouldn't be at all surprised if the ulcers weren't being caused by that. This year has been so hard. Like Fantod says, it seems to have been one thing after another, in fact, not even that, but lots of things all at the same time.

We have now decided that my Father has to go into a home and he has finally been diagnosed with dementia on top of everything else and is not safe at home. I wrote all about this earlier in the year. We are now looking around for a good care home for him.

Once again, thanks for replying and I will keep you all posted.


Noca - June 4

mouthwash to treat the cause then benzocaine to treat the pain


tesse - June 4

I get these too. All I can suggest is rinse your mouth out with a mixture of water and tea tree oil. I find that tea tree oil acts as a natural anaesthetic while also healing the lesions.

Hope that helps :)


MissAmandaLynne - July 7

I also constantly get ulcers in my mouth. Canker sores, i've been told, but my my toungue always feels like its burning and it comes and goes. I get these white painful bumps on the sides of my toungue sometimes too. Looks like an infected taste bud, maybe that's not what it is, but that's the only way i know to desribe it. I have this strange white lining on the inside of my cheeks also.

I hope you figure out what it is.
I've read up on lichen planus but am not familiar with it.


January - July 7

These can sometimes be caused by food allergies.



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