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Painful walking, but stiffness after sitting too long
2 Replies
Justtrace - March 24

I'm at a loss how to describe my pain and it has gotten much worse the last 3 months. I teach dance 4 days a week and can modify my participation, so staying active is not in question. I am limping due to the pain in my, hips, bum, side of knees ,calves and fronts of feet. Not joints. If I push on areas it feels more like a lactic acid. Moving used to help but no longer and I have a great deal of pain and difficulty getting up after being idle for any length of time . I also now get little relief other than in my heated blanket or the bath tub. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced any deterioration as suddenly and if they improved again. I only take topomax for headaches but have taken too many courses of cipro in my past for an atonic bladder and chrinic infections that I fear have contributed to my problems. Tia.


allyson - May 23

I'm new here and just got diagnosed not to long ago. My symptoms seem to have steam rolled fast for me from chest pain to full on body pain. I do have the same if I sit to long I'm stiff and my feet hurt so bad it hurts to walk. My pain moves but I have a lot of shoulder pain and chest most of the time. I do know massages help with points that hurt. I with you would like to know if and how to improve! Hope you find your answer.


Soecialjess - June 29

Hi Tia,
I felt compelled to reply to what you wrote. I am, funny enough, a dance teacher also. I miss my old active self. I teach only 3-5 hours per week. I would love to get in contact and make a new friend who I can relate to. I have been suffering more lately since I hit my mid 30s. I had a pelvic pain for about a year. I believe it's a pelvic instability from a time that I quit work and was very inactive. Gained 35-40 lbs in the process, yay! I have a problem with holding my bladder at night. I have since I was a kid in and off. I also had chronic infections for a spell but seem to have that under control with a strict regimen of supplements and kratom. Also, 8 have neuralgia bothering me at the moment and I missed my classes tonight because of it. Anyway, I'd love to chat with you! 5124237078



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