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pelvic pain and lower back pain, anyone?
2 Replies
thecudd - May 14

Does anyone have pelvic pain and lower back pain? I have irritable bowel syndrome, but the lower back pain and pelvic pain is concerning. The pain is sometimes relieved by a bowel movement, but at some point, it comes back. About 3 weeks ago, I had a sonohysterogram because of endometrial polyps, and since then, the pain has been worse and recurring regularly. I am wondering if this is all due to the fybromyalgia. Anyone else have these symptoms?

Regards to all,



Cher0208 - May 15

Hey Joan,

My Fibro symptoms began a year ago almost to the day. I've had many many different symptoms but only 2 weeks ago I began having lower back pain and pelvic pain. It's very painful and I am experiencing it everyday now. My legs also feel like I just did an intense work out. They're kind of shaky and feel weak. I have read a lot of people on this forum have back pain. But it can be so many different reasons. I don't know whats causing mine. Wish I could be more helpful but I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone with this symptom. I plan to see my chiropractor as soon as he gets back from his vacation. Maybe the GYN as it could be related. And then if not, I guess I'll go back to the doctor. I'm not looking forward to any more MRI's.

Take care and best of health to you.




I understand how you feel. I had endometriosis and had to have a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I had intense pelvic and lower back pain. I was not diagnosed with Fibro at that time. I actually was diagnosed about a year later when the INTENSE back pain wouldn't go away! They couldn't find anything wrong with me (clean xrays and MRIS). With the anxiety issues, sleep problems, fatigue and SEVERAL other symptoms, I was diagnosed with Fibro.

I still have the intense Back pain and the pelvic pain still comes and goes. I am on heavy duty pain medication to manage working full time and being a full time single mother.

Hang in there



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