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Period makes pain worse
3 Replies
Karkel - May 22

Does anyone else have worse pain...alot more severe when on period ?


seedbeads - May 23

Absolutely - the weeks before and during are always the worst. For several months I was on a pain cycle just like that; I felt great the two weeks after, then horrible for the week before and the week of. I had days where I didn't even get out of bed, I just lay there, wondering if this was going to kill me. My doctor told me this was pretty typical, and so far I haven't found much to take the edge off.

Unfortunately I seem to be skipping the feeling-great part of the month this month, but I think it's partly to do with constantly being out and about with the warm weather.


m.e. - May 23

Hi Karkel, I am 46 still with periods. I do notice that if I am not controlling all of my other factors in fibro care at period time or ESPECIALLY during humid summer days (my worst fibro time), that all of my period symptoms are terrible. My control of this condition is based on the following: the correct meds (neurontin & amitriptyline), cardio exercise, diet (esp. veggies, fruit, low carb, low sugar), manage stress (not easy), little alcohol, low caffeine, and enough sleep/rest. I think I got them all. That seems to be the miracle balance for me, however, once one or two are off, I am very off. Throw in some bad humidity and I am in trouble. I guess what I am saying is that keeping all other factors in good control (if you are not), may help you. Also, I have read on here that some people use topical estrogen creams (search postings) and that really helps---so far my gynos say no due to horomonal concerns, but my rheumatologist says its worth a try if from health food store and in small external dosages. I have not tried it. Be careful, but decide if it is worth trying for you.

Best of luck and feel better.


bigted - May 30

Absolutely true here two. The week before and week of are my worst. I was only diagnosed formally this week with fibromyalgia but have had rheumatoid arthritis and ibs and I always at my worse those 2 weeks.



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