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Pillows for Sleep??
4 Replies
iliveinpain - April 2

Has anyone had any luck with their pillows- helping them to get some good sleep and not wake up with a horrible headache? I'm researching on line right now about the 'my pillow' brand and was wondering if anyone's had luck with this or other brands. It feels like I'm always searching for the perfect pillow to help me sleep and I've yet to find one. It's very frustrating!!! Thanks!


January - April 2

Yes!! I figured out that I do better with very flat pillows. The big fluffy synthetic ones always put my neck out of alignment. The buckwheat ones didn't work, nor did the ones with the microbeads. I like a loose filled feather or goose down pillow because I can punch it into a comfortable shape. Have to use allergenic covers though, due to allergies. It's hard to find pillows like these! I agree with you, the wrong pillow can cause problems - like headaches and neck and shoulder stiffness.

I also read recently that synthetic pillows are more likely to grow mold in the interiors. Just something to think about.


Fantod - April 3

I use a pillow that has temperpedic foam on one side and regualr fiber fill on the other. My head can be really sore at times so I alternate sides. I really like the foam side and don't find it too hot. I bought my pillows at Kohls on (of course) sale. Take care.


Jocelyn - April 3


Like everyone else here, I too, have pillow problems. After going through many many pillows, the only one that I found that I have no problems with is the Tempurpedic pillow make by the Swedish Company Tempurpedic. they are not sold in Khols, but in Jordan's Furniture and other mattress companies. They are expensive, but I found it worth the money. The pillows come in different forms. Mine has a wedge on each side and I can flip it depending on how I fell. I can make the pillow wedge slide over my shoulder when sleeping on my side, or turn it and make it slant. When on my back, I can move the wedge until my neck is in the right position.

At first the pillow felt to hard to sleep on. I kept grabbing for my sofer plusher pillow. It takes time to break these pillows in to conform to your head/neck etc. After switching pillows for halfway through the night, I began to notice than one day, I didn't switch anymore and from that point on, I've had the pillow for 4 years, I take it everywhere I go, even to the hopital when I had surgery. I can't sleep on anything else.

My daughter bought a tempurpedic pillow at Bob's Furniture because she thought it was as good and she liked it, until she came over to my house and laid on my bed and pillow and she was shocked and how much more comfortable my pillow was than hers.

The point of the whole story is...everyone with Fibro is different and one pillow may work for one person and not for the other. But, once you find the right one for you, you will be so happy.


Jocelyn - April 3

Sorry Fantod, I meant to send my message to iliveinpain :)



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