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pins and needles in my face
4 Replies
loopy35 - February 16

hello, im new to this site and was wondering if anyone with fibro gets pins and needles or tingling in there face? i get lots of stabbing pains all over my body and headaches and dizziness which is awful, i feel so tired most of the time and its starting to get me down now. i tend to cry out of the blue which is not like me,my gp sent me for a blood test which the results came back normal and now he had refered me for a mri legs get very sore and they ache aswell, im at my wits end with this now:(


Sandybeach - February 16

i just wrote a blog bout headaches maybe you can have a look ,good bad too all the time with my head and get the tingling too.good thing on here is were not alone,even as i sit typing to this my head is banging.sat with ice in a bag on it back at the clinic tommorrow,i also get the shooting pains in my legs,catches you by suprise sometimes as it seems to appear from no where.good luck xxx


January - February 17

Hi again loopy - I get very sore legs, with swelling and a feeling of fullness, especially in one leg. Haven't figured out why. I had the veins checked by scan years ago, and they were healthy. Maybe it's just fibro fun! Have you been diagnosed with fibro, or are you still trying to rule out other things?


loopy35 - February 17

hi thankyou both for your comment, i haven't been diagnosed with fybro yet my doctor is not sure on my diagnosis at present he said it might be, i have had blood tests that came back clear and now have to have a mri scan on my head to see if that brings me any closer to a diagnosis, i know there is something wrong as i know my body and something isn't right so hopefully will find out soon enough


loopy35 - February 17

i also forgot to mension i have costo aswel, but the pain i have been experiencing i mensioned to my doctor he said is nothing to do with the costo as thst is localised in the chest and rib area, and not everywhere else.



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