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jrzgirl1 - August 17

Has anyone tried this?


belle1329 - August 18

No, I did download the info and then got to stressed and tired and didnt get a chance to yet. I am interested as I have Osteo , and fibro. Do you know anyone who has, if and when I try Ill let you know , please keep me posted :)
My Dr wants to put me on Drugs, I tried Boniva and another and had bad reactions to both.
He wants me to try another one i have to inject or another one to rebuild the bone, I dont want to try either, I have not been back yet (his office moved) need to make another appointment, but dont want to take either one and he is being kind of pushy about it :( I also had a test done to see if I am losing calcium thru urine? and for thyroid. I need to call to get my results and make an appointment, I really should try reading up on this info first :)


belle1329 - August 18

were u talking about has anyone tried reclast or the site about save our bones that poped up the first time I clicked on your topic?? it didnt pop up this time???? now its over on the right! Sorry, ad confused me.


Noca - August 18

Reclast is a once a year injection for osteoporosis.


belle1329 - August 18

yes the dr offered me to try it, but i dont want to, if boniva once a month gave me such an awful side effect and long lasting, im afraid to think of what reclast would do and how long the side effect would last since you only get it once a year, thats whay im opting for saveourbones dot com, I cant remember the other he offered but it was to rebuild bones, which sounds artificial to me, to scary for me :(


kentucky girl - August 18

My rheumy recommended Reclast for me. While he was working with my insurance to get approval, I researched the drug and side effects. I came across a forum pertaining to Reclast and I was so scared by what I read I decided that I didn't want to take it even though my insurance approved it. The treatment was about 2500.00 for one treatment. Anyway, the forum that I read said that the side effects were flu like symptoms usually lasting a few days to a week. However there was one lady that told that her mother had taken it and had a fever of 104 and flu like symptoms and they lasted for several months. It scared the bejeebies out of me!! I was already suffering with the pain of fibro, and I didn't want to voluntarily make the pain worse. I will deal with the osteo some other way. Right now I'm just taking 1200 mg of calcum and 400 IU of vitamin D. My last dexa scan did not show any worsening of the osteo, so I am going to continue what I'm doing until it gets worse.

Kentucky girl


belle1329 - August 18

I must have found the same forum when I did my research and it scared me too :( I too take calcium now, and do want to check out w w w dot save ourbones dot com , to take a natural way to save my bones :) Dont need anymore pain thats for sure :)



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