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Results for CT Scan and Chest X-Rays
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January - July 22

Thanks for your kind words Jocelyn. I'm glad we BOTH had fun when we were young! I always felt like I wanted to do as much as possible - I went for my dreams, and though I didn't completely fulfill them, I experienced enough success to be happy with what I accomplished, then moved on to the next dream! So no complaints. I am just a few years older than you, and I think we lived in a Golden Age, an explosion of music and art and creative things and new thinking and ideas. Things are not so easy now for the younger generation, with this tough economy.

Whatever happened with your brother? Did he manage to put the money in the account?

Hope you're having a good weekend! : )


Jocelyn - July 22

Hi January,

I have to admit, you are right, when we were young, life was so much better, than today. You could have dreams and accomplish them, Dreams were within ones reach. We had so many new exciting developments that improved our lives, but did not take away the simple pleasures of just enjoying life. Today, the children and younger generation are from the "me" era. They want to go to the best college's, they cannot pay off their loans, because no one told them that when they graduate from these prestigeous college's their careers would never bring in enough money to pay off their college loans. How could we as a country allow these kids to have that kind of money knowing they would be paying for it for the rest of their lives???? They want and have the best phones, I PADS, video games, everything money can buy, but they are frightened to go to school because of killings, murders are on the rise, and now we had shootings in a movie theatre. Our parents and our generation had the best of what there was at the time. We felt safe in school and outside even alone! Yes, improvement in health care has extended our lives, these are the good things. Communication is better, but I wouldn't want to bring up a child in this world today. My daughter is married and I have a wonderful step son. He is so much fun to have over. He loves to swim and he and I swim for hours. But, like most kids of today he plays video games and this summer when he came over for a sleep over, he swam for a short time then wanted to go and play Mine Craft. Of course, I told him he could play it later in the evening when the sun went down and we couldn't be outdoors doing things. He pouted a bit, then got over it and we had a great day. I miss the simple things that we appreciated when we were young. Playing board games with our friends. Life has changed and not for the better.

But...all I wish for is that people in this world would feel better and have a better life.

Best to you always!


January - July 23

I agree with you Jocelyn. But also, I think back to when I was a kid and the grandparents, I'm sure, had the same feeling about us - that we were out of control! I wonder if, as time goes by and technology changes, maybe peoples' brains change along with it. So how they think and what they want is very different. It seems that things just keep going faster and getting more complicated. I don't want to live that way, but I try to keep an open mind about the fact that it's a different world and it's normal to them now. Still, I think it's wonderful that you encouraged your stepson to stay outdoors and leave the game until evening. Maybe he learned something, and made a great memory!

When I think of my grandparents now, and I only knew them a little, I get a feel for what life was like at the turn of the last century - and heard stories of life in the late 1800s handed down. They were much more cohesive and family oriented. They worked hard at something every day, lived closer to the earth, and spent free time playing music and sitting around trading stories and laughing. Sunday was church, and then the women cooked all day long. There were some doctors in the family, and I heard stories about how they would treat poor people and accept some chickens or a goat for the family farm as payment. Also how, if they lost a patient, they really grieved over it. Hard to imagine that today! LOL


Jocelyn - July 23

Yes, it is hard to imagaine life as it was years ago compared to today. Doctors did feel bad and knew their patients well, so it was very personal to them. I also miss the big family outings that were so much fun back then. Hey, what else was there to do, but get together with friends and family, you coudln't be glued to a TV or Video Game.

I do agree with you, we have to keep an open mind as to how life is spent today. Things do move at a fast pace. My daughter is trying to keep Jake from spending excesive time, I think that is the best way to put it, playing online games. She is trying to incorporate a family life somewhere inbetween the new generation :) I wish her luck, she has a lot to deal with.

I loved that people went to church and people cooked Sunday dinners and Mom's stayed home to raise the kids (well, not so good for you, sorry), but today kids spend most of their time away from home and that is difficult too, but it is the new way of life.

I knew my grandmother so well, that she was such a great loss when she died. I felt life was never the same after she passed. It goes to show you that some people do make a mark in your heart that stays forever. Now I miss her and my mother so much.

Life goes one. Boy, I have to check out that Rice Milk! Thanks for the tip!



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