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sindee - July 17

I was diagnoised with fibro about 5 years ago by a rheumotologist but after dxing me she said she couldn't help me that I needed to see my General Pract. which I did and got no help didn't want to give me anything because everything that might help could be addictive so she told me I would have to learn to live with it which I tried to do and after awhile became very depressed and changed Dr.'s I found a Dr. that put me on wellbutrin,flexaril,zanex as needed and lortab as needed did pretty good for awhile long enough that I decided to take myself off everything BIG mistake I did o.k. for awhile but then I had a flare up that I could not get under control so went to a new Dr. (me and the other one had a falling out about my weight) she basically just asked what had worked for me in the past and put me back on that but limiting my loratab and zanax to 20 in 3 months so now I am scared to take them for fear that I might need them worse later. Sorry needed to vent my question is do rheumey's normally treat FMS or just DX it? Is there anything new I should no about that has been helping people since I have been out of the know for awhile. See I am one of those stubborn people that think they can handle this on there on until I hit rock bottom like now and wonder if I can go on living like this. i AM ONLY 33 and I feel like I am a burden to my family hubby is great but kids don't get it at all. I fell guilty for saying I don't feel good all the time but when I say it it's true. Sorry I could go on forever but want. Thanks for any help you can offer


lumper - July 19

Oh my don't feel bad. I could say the same things. I have tried just about everything. I recently found a book called Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and CFS. It looks promising. I found it at
Anyone ever hear of it?


cur18 - July 21

Rheumotoligist don't want to treat fibromyalgia. I battled sever menstrual problems from teenage years until 2004. I finally insisted that the OBGYN doctor find my problem or else. He did a laparoscopic surgery. When I came out of the recovery I knew something was wrong. I had sever endometriosis on my right ovary,right tube was mangled,on colon and some on the left ovary. They saved the left ovary. After that the doc suggested a lupron shot to kill out the endo. I began having sever joint and muscle pain so he sent me to a rheumatologist. The man looked at the chart,touched a few spots on my body,handed me a pamphlet and said you have fibromyalgia. He did the bloodwork of course it was negative.The only info he gave me was that most women who have endometriosis have fibromyalgia. I suggest that fibomyalgia patients take a stand. Most doctors who treat this are just taking our money.We need to let them know the free ride is over. Since 2004 I have had 3 surgeries with no results of pain relief. I just turned 32 and this is too young to hurt this bad.


Alone - July 31

I am 33 too, I feel like my kids are losing out too :(
I go to a pain management specialist and is a great guy. I haven't even been officially diagnosed with anything yet except "no-specific myfacial back pain" lol.
Check out a pain management doc.


cur18 - July 31

I have been dealing with fibro for a while now. I feel like I have been to every doctor in the world. My last hope was a pain management center. They have been extremely helpful. They put me on a low dose of pain medication but I am real sensitive so now they are trying percaset. I just started Lyrica which so far has helped tremendously. The chronic pain place that I go to offers HOPE classes with a psychologist. He is not there because they think your crazy.They try to help you understand that your not crazy,not alone, and how to deal with the pain. They also help you deal with other people who don't believe your pain is real. I was extremely angry and pissed off at the doctors before these classes. The other doctors don't know how to treat us. I hope this helps you.


Darlene Gallagher - August 1

You might want to try a Pain Medicine Doc -- one who also does Physical Rehabilitation. Join a support group to get local recommendations. Also, try They are fabulous and can give you a list. Don't give up! Darlene


Fantod - August 5

Rheumys are typically the primary care doctor for FMS. I am sorry you have had such a difficult time finding a doctor who wants to care for you. You might consider calling your local hospital to see if patient referral can hook you up with a rheumy who is actually interested in treating FMS. A local support group is another option - see the FMs national site for listings. The local support group may be able to steer you to a decent docotor. Lyrica is a new treatment for FMS. It is used to treat nerve pain and has been found to be effective in some FMS patients. Some dcotors prescribe gabapentin instead as it is the generic and cheaper. Malic acid is also recommended for FMS folks. There is a new book out " Fibromyalgia The Complete Guide from Medical Experts and Patients" by Sharon Ostalecki which is helpful but does not contain (in my opinion) any earth shattering fixes. I think you should find a new doctor. You really can not manage this on your own. A caring doctor is the first step in getting back on the road to your life. It may not ever be what it was but you should have and deserve a better quality of life than you are experiencing now. Good luck and let us know how you are doing.



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