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Auvonto - January 5

I finally got an appointment with a rheumy. but when i called the lady asked me why im coming in and of course i said fibro. she told me we dont see firbo patients. WHAT! well i dont know why my pain mang dr told me to call. they said they will see me after reviewing my chart i guess so i think they want to check for RA. i dont know what to expect from this dr. i heard that she is one of those that are very direct. its either this or that or nothing at all. humph i guess i'll just have to see. not looking forward to this.


Fantod - January 5

I would call the pain management doctor and let them know what you were told by the rheumotologists office. They may not be aware of this policy. It may be a new policy. In my opinion, it is better that they tell you this up front than have you make the effort to go to the appointment.

I actually had a very well known physiatrist in my area walk into the exam room and announce "I have a very big problem with fibromyalgia." He doesn't believe in FMS and was extremely insulting. I threw him out of the room and left. Then I filed muliple written complaints with his hospital affiliation. He actually had the nerve to send me a bill. I contested it for three years before he finally gave up.

If the doctor doesn't see FMS patients, she is doing you a favor. Take care.


bernieg - January 6

Hi all
My last visit to my Rhumy said the same to me. I was having extreme pain all over, a very bad flare up, and she said, "well we don't relly have fibro patients back, but we will call you back in 6 months". She gave me anti inflamatories and said try not to take them. I said I'm in an awful way, I need something to ease the pain so maybe I should take one a day, she said well,I don't think u should. CONFUSED? So was I. I took them for a while but they were no good so I just had to wait to come out of the flare up, and thankfully I did. I felt terrible, discusted with what she said. It made me feel very alone and I just have to put up with it. She was of no help at all.What are we supposed to do?
Thankfully I'm doing good at the moment.


Bernie G


Auvonto - January 6

ok. so what do I do. I did call my pain mng dr back and told them what the lady said but they havent gotten back to me. I really dont want to hear any negative talk about how this is in my head or anything that is going to dismiss how i am feeling. i just want to explode when i hear that kinda talk. i feel like cancelling....... ugh


Fantod - January 6

I would wait for the pain management doctor to call you back. There is no way they are going to get in touch with you immediately. If your appointment is not tomorrow, give it some time. If you don't hear anything in 24 hours, call again and tell whoever you speak to that this is your second call on this matter.

I would not cancel the appointment just yet. Let's wait and see what happens. Take care.


Fantod - January 6

Incidentally, you still have the swelling behind both knees that needs to be looked at. If nothing else, you need to be seen for that.


Auvonto - January 6

thanks fantod you're right. if nothing else get my knees looked at. ugh this is just so......ugh i dont even have a word for this mess. i'll just go.........thanks again



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