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severe back pain
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January - December 6

Hi littlejoey - I googled, and was surprised to see that most of the first sitting MRI hits I came up with are indeed centered on the East Coast. Other places have Open MRI machines - but they still have you lie down. It must be a very new development, though I got mine done a few years ago.

I searched VERY quickly and found one place in Houston, Texas that might have sitting or standing MRIs available. I know nothing about this place, how good it is, etc., but they did list a phone number, and apparently they take people from out of state. The number is 713-592-9800. It is run by someone named Dr. Nath. If you google him with MRI, you should be able to access the website. Good luck with it.

And one little note. In my reading I learned that one of the dyes they sometimes use with MRIs, gadolinium, can cause physical problems, like kidney failure - so unless you have a really good reason to need dye injections, stay away from them!


littleloey - December 6

Hi January, Thanks for the info on Dr. Nath. I went to that site and worked from there. I finally found a Clinic in Minnesota that does the sitting / standing MRI. For anyone in the midwest it is in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Not far from Minneaplosis. As you said about Dr Nath, I know nothing really about them but have been in contact and finding out if my insurance will cover it since it is out of my state. Their are called Suma MRI. Hope this helps others that are looking.


libellus - December 29

Hi! Google for "CDI Radiology upright MRI search". Click on the first result, and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Find a Center Near you". Enter your zip code (or the city/state you are looking to travel to) and click the Search button. On the next screen, in the drop down next to the location you entered, look for and select the "open upright MRI" option (The services aren't listed alphabetically, so you'll have to read each option to find it.). They have upright MRI machines in several locations around the country and their website will allow you to search for and filter out locations that offer this service. Good luck!


abbychic75 - May 13

I feel for all of you. It has taken a year and a half for my providers and specialist to finally determine what is going with my body. Since last January I have had so many doctor visits and have been passed off to others which had no clue either. To make a long story short, I was in an accident 24 years in which I fractured C1/C2, shattered my right elbow, had a compound fracture of my right tibia and a fracture of my left femur. I also broke my left tib and fibula and fractured my left ankle and my right leg below my knee was severed in the accident. So, I have lived with pain all my life and after the first year of the accident, I was no longer on any pain medication.

Fast forward to the present or a year ago in January. I feel like I'm in more pain now than I was at the time my accident occurred, but that's probably because I was on a lot of pain medications. I know some of my pain is structural from walking on a prosthetic and my right side being weaker than my left. However, I don't understand why it has taken so long for them to find what else is happening.

I have had to diagnose myself twice - I did all off my own research, made time lines and presented them to my doctors because I felt like they were not taken me seriously. With our terrible healthcare system we have, none of my doctors talk to one another and they are all within the UW Hospital and Clinics. I also had to ask my primary doctor to refer me to specialists. I went to a neurologist who said I was NOT suffering from fibromyalgia, but my symptoms were caused by two medications I was on, so he took me off of them. He also discovered that I had a Vitamin B deficiency, which he couldn't understand why my primary doctors had not realized it when they ordered the test.

I was also experiencing severe muscle spams, burning, stabbing, tingling, achiness throughout my body, lethargy, weakness, tingling and achy gums, and huge muscle knots all over my upper back, which I'm still experienced. They contributed my neck, hip, pelvis, and low back pain to my accident.

The second thing I diagnosed was my pelvic floor dysfunction. Not one of my doctors put the symptoms together, I had to do it for them. When I presented it all in two paragraphs to them, they said, "Oh, yes you do have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. You will need to go to physical therapy." and the same with Fibromyalgia.

I feel like they don't listen to me and think that I'm making all of this up, until I present the symptoms as a whole. It is so incredibly frustrating because I feel like a guinea pig or just another number. I don't get paid an MD's salary, so why can't they just look at me as a whole person?

I have also had numerous MRI's and x-rays, showing "nothing was wrong." other than mild degeneration, etc. I have had nerve blocks, steroid injections, nerve oblations, undergone physical therapy and Osteo manipulation therapy, (which I'm still undergoing) and I have been put on all of the Fibromyalgia medication, all of which caused my face to swell up. Of course they never put me on a pain medication because of the opioid crisis. They then put me on the Butrans time release patch, which hasn't done anything to help me. My doctor said that opioids do not help with Fibromyalgia.

And, my memory is so terrible. I have been a paralegal for 22 years and have needed a functional brain to do my work. I lose track of time, I can't remember things, I put appointments, etc. on my calendar and then sometimes end up missing them because I've put them on the wrong day. I walk into rooms, not remembering what it was I was going in for. Words are often hard to recall, like they are on the tip of my tongue. Everything I do takes longer than it should. It's hard to keep on track. I'm not reliable. I can't plan anything because I don't know day to day how I'll feel. I have planned things with friends and family, but I've not able to go and then I feel horrible that I let them down.

Tomorrow I see Pain Management once again to talk about Lidocaine Infusion Treatments. Has anyone received these and did you find them to be helpful?

I have had no life for over a year now, my husband started acting strangely, quit his job as an analytical chemist to work full time at a strip club, stopped paying our mortgage, abused me on three separate occasions and then admitted he was having an affair with a 21 year old stripper. That is when I filed for divorce, got a restraining order and he was moved from the residence. Now I feel like it is all my fault. I just want to get better, go back to work and have a normal life.

I just want to know if I'm the only one experiencing any of the symptoms I'm having. Do you have any tips? I just started reading all the blogs and was able to get a lot of suggestions.

Thank you very much.



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