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severe back pain
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January - December 6

Hi littlejoey - I googled, and was surprised to see that most of the first sitting MRI hits I came up with are indeed centered on the East Coast. Other places have Open MRI machines - but they still have you lie down. It must be a very new development, though I got mine done a few years ago.

I searched VERY quickly and found one place in Houston, Texas that might have sitting or standing MRIs available. I know nothing about this place, how good it is, etc., but they did list a phone number, and apparently they take people from out of state. The number is 713-592-9800. It is run by someone named Dr. Nath. If you google him with MRI, you should be able to access the website. Good luck with it.

And one little note. In my reading I learned that one of the dyes they sometimes use with MRIs, gadolinium, can cause physical problems, like kidney failure - so unless you have a really good reason to need dye injections, stay away from them!


littleloey - December 6

Hi January, Thanks for the info on Dr. Nath. I went to that site and worked from there. I finally found a Clinic in Minnesota that does the sitting / standing MRI. For anyone in the midwest it is in Golden Valley, Minnesota. Not far from Minneaplosis. As you said about Dr Nath, I know nothing really about them but have been in contact and finding out if my insurance will cover it since it is out of my state. Their are called Suma MRI. Hope this helps others that are looking.


libellus - December 29

Hi! Google for "CDI Radiology upright MRI search". Click on the first result, and scroll down to the bottom where it says "Find a Center Near you". Enter your zip code (or the city/state you are looking to travel to) and click the Search button. On the next screen, in the drop down next to the location you entered, look for and select the "open upright MRI" option (The services aren't listed alphabetically, so you'll have to read each option to find it.). They have upright MRI machines in several locations around the country and their website will allow you to search for and filter out locations that offer this service. Good luck!



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