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Severe Spasms or Cramps in side of Rib Cage?
64 Replies
mamwhotwikigh79 - May 22

Exactly. As well now under left breast


mamwhotwikigh79 - May 22

Christy m i looked it up its not costo. Its not pain its severe charlie horses or feels like insides twist n tug like tug o war. Its not fibromayalgia ive been on nuerontin for three months and now its worse it happened singing.


DizasterDeb - September 5

Hello! I'm new to this forum and saw this conversation and was intrigued due to the similarity of some people's descriptions to my own pain. Although had to double check the meaning of 'Charlie Horse' as I thought it meant cramp but wasn't sure. Wonder why it's called that?? Just curious. Anyway, hope no one minds me adding my bit. I've been prone to cramp between my lower ribs on the right hand side for a long time - years and years. Long before a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Stretching always sets it off and I have to scrunch myself up to ease it when I get a spasm. This cramp is also easily triggered by other movements so I have to be careful to avoid setting off a spasm. About a year ago I started getting another type of pain - very sharp, stinging pains which can feel like sharp prickling or severe stinging. This was lower down from my ribs - around the area of my right kidney. Based on the location doctors assumed it was renal and I had tests and scans. All clear. I then saw a locum who didn't even give me a chance to explain the type of pain I was experiencing and just palmed me off with the diagnosis of muscle strain which, as I have had of lot of muscle strain, I felt strongly was incorrect and lazy doctoring. Nerve pain is a very distinct type of pain after all and, unfortunately, I've had a lot of nerve pain for various reasons so I feel fairly confident that this is the type of pain I am now experiencing. So abandoning the doctors I've done a lot of rummaging around on the internet to find conditions that had matching symptoms. The conditions I've found that do match are Intercostal Neuralgia (IA) and Abdominal Cutaneous Nerve Entrapment Syndrome (ACNES). The pain has now started up on the left hand side as well. I do have Fibromyalgia but haven't found that I get any more cramp now then I did before and my husband and a sister both have IA or ACNES symptoms and they don't have Fibro so I think that might be a red herring in my case. I have read that, in England at any rate, the conditions are fairly common but are rarely diagnosed correctly.
Hope others on here aren't having too bad a time of it right now.


Wizard 720 - February 26

I have one tip for the pain in the ribs and it comes from runners. I can sometimes stop it by walking and swinging my arms differently. I put it first as I expect many people will not really read this to the end. Normally when walking the arm goes forward when the

I experience the pain in my ribs. It is somewhat like having a stitch in your side when running. I had it first in 1963. Well that is the first time I went to see a Dr. The official Dx that I have got in the last 1/2 a century is these things happen and they go away. Every few years it develops into Bronchitis. This is my understanding of it;

I have often gotten the misdiagnosis as Costochondritis. No one really knows what it is and I think the DX is often used as a way to justify medication. My pain is not around where the cartilage would hurt if it was inflamed. Close but it is not that.

I consider it spasms. If it is a bad attack I tear up the muscles used to cough. What makes it go away is being in the sun with out lots of clouds. My Fibro is a result of childhood trauma and lots goes away if I have enough sunlight.

What I have discovered this winter is the human body works differently when it is dark. It is involuntary. It works different when it is in the dark even if it is summer. When the days are short and it is cloudy is when I get spams Even if I have enough sunlight the short dark days causes the rib pain to escalate.

I have a sense that what happens when the days are short and cloudy my body breathes differently and this causes the spasms. Note: the medical field has little understanding of the bodys involuntary reaction to less light.

So I can eat well, stretch and get exercise. It helps in dealing with the results of being in the dark during the winter. It does not stop the pain around my ribs.

Note: it is most sever in my right side.

I made the error of thinking it was about how much sun I got. I was in Ecuador all last winter and it was not much of an issue. It did rear its ugly head if there were a few days of clouds. The effect was minor I expect it to not happen as I had so much sun. Part of it was the night is always 12 hours. I live in NH and the days are very short in the winter. Because the sun is so low in the sky some days it does not really get light it just gets less dark.

So the question is what happens when it is dark out that causes the rib pain to happen? I think what happens is my body involuntary changes my breathing just because there is not light.

I have found that often people attribute cold weather to things that are really about the sun on the body and the different light. The cold weather does take a lot of energy I do not think it has the effect that people attribute to it, it is more about the sun and light.

So why are these spasms not the most acute not around the shortest day of the year? Why does it happen in either the fall of the spring? Why does it come on so strong some years and not others? The reason is it is not just about how much light there is or how much sun I get. What makes it worse is it is about my body changing and adjusting to the shorter or longer days and my breathing gets mess up if the change is not consistent. An October with lots of sun and long periods clouds will set it off as my body is confused as how to adjust.

I can give another example. I can swim in a wet-suit when the water is 45 degrees. What I can not do is swim when the water is not one temperature which happens in NH. I get hypothermia not due to the cold due to my body being in the different temperatures. It confuses my body,

I expect that if I really work on my breathing and am aware that the days are shorter and our cloudy that my body will deal with the adjustment better. That is what happened when I figured out I need sun energy. This lead to my understanding of the short and or cloudy days.



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