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sherrodguy - December 17

I haven't really read much on Fibrofog, so it makes me wonder if this is what I am experiencing or is it simply just dealing with too much.

I feel like I can't keep up. Today is my son's Christmas party at school, and I committed to bring brownies. While brushing my teeth this morning, I realized I had completely forgotten about the brownies and had to send my husband to the store to pick some up. In the meantime, my son is telling me that he is supposed to bring a gift for a boy as well. Keep in mind, I read EVERY SINGLE paper and newsletter that comes home with my child. I asked my husband to confirm with his teacher this morning whether or not he was supposed to bring a gift because the only communication I remembered recieving concerning this was an e-mail from the "co-teacher" asking for certain parents to contribute a $5.00 gift card to the party for the students. As it turns out, the gift cards (there will only be 4)will be prizes for a game they are playing, and yes, my son should bring a boy gift. Parents were notified of this in the two previous newsletters. I DON'T REMEMBER!! Very frustrating! Things of this nature have been going on for a while now, so the entire scenario brought me to tears this morning. I am not the type of person that will approach the teacher and do the entire "woe is me" bit, referring to telling her about my condition and the pressure I feel I am under. Instead, I am going this afternoon to purchase a planner to assist me in keeping track of everything.
There are a few other things as well. Wednesday, my mother sent me a text letting me know that she and my step-dad would be coming over the next afternoon. I told her that was fine. Thursday, my husband wanted to take me on a date, and while getting ready, I suddenly realized I had forgotten my mother was supposed to come. I ended up sending her a message cancelling those plans.
I used to have a pretty good grasp of the English language, and now I find myself sometimes struggling to find the word I wanted to use when it's right on the tip of my tongue.
At work...I can be blowing and going and suddenly, the hampsters in my head just...STOP! I find myself staring at my computer wondering what it was I was just doing.
I have not begun any treatment for my fibro yet, so I'm wondering, will these symptoms ease (and hopefully go away) once we begin to treat it?
I now stay quite anxious and constantly search my brain wondering if there is something I have forgotten to do, which causes me to have constant butterflies in my stomach and a continuous feeling of unease.
I am only 35. I should not be experiencing memory loss.
Does anyone understand? Do you suffer from simular symptoms?


Stacey373 - December 17

YES YES and YES!!! I can't seem to remember ANYTHING! I actually thought my "bad memory" was from taking pain meds....but then I found out about fibrofog and that is exactly what it is!

I keep a small notebook in my purse and I also have a notebook/planner thing that I keep on me at all times. I have to write EVERY thing down or I will forget it.

I'm not sure if this will go away or get better for you once you start your meds. I guess you will find out eventually. I wouldn't really worry about any of's a very "normal" symptom of fibro and we just have to learn how to deal with it and work with it. (like the notebooks!)

Even with my notebooks, I've still done the things you talked about (like cookies for my daughter's class) but my youngest daughter is the only one still in elementary school, so that's the only teacher I really have to deal with. I told her I had Fibro at the first parent/teacher conference and so she totally understands if I can't get stuff done for the class.

I hope my reply helps you....if nothing else, you know that you're not alone. Take care, Stacey :o)


sherrodguy - December 17

You can not imagine the flood of relief I feel after reading that!!
My husbad really is trying to understand, but I must say, I got a little enraged when he told me I needed to be sure and read the newsletter. Course, when I tell him I did, he gives me this look. Annoying.
I'm glad to finally have an answer for all these symptoms, but I have to admit, I am still a bit in denial. It's kinda hard for me to accept that for the rest of my existence, this is what I'll have to deal with.
Thanks for your post!



Fantod - December 17

Ang - Yes, fibro fog is just another one of the many "perks' that we have to deal with. Given the amount of stress that you have been under trying to figure out what is wrong, I'm not surprised that you are having memory issues. Stress and lack of restorative sleep makes memory issues more pronounced.

I have an LCD boogie board (Brookstone) to help me keep track of things. I have a friend with a large dry erase board that hangs in the kitchen with a monthly schedule in plain view.

My nutritionist recommended a supplement that seems to help. The best deal I have found on it is through Puritan's Pride on line. Phosphatidylserine is the name of the supplement. Puritan's Pride lists it as "Neuro-PS" in their catalog or online.

Ang, if you continue on at the same pace you are currently trying maintain you are going to blow a gasket. You need help. Start delegating and have your husbanc read the school bulletins. He can certainly help with making sure your child has treats or whatever else is needed for school. This does not make you a bad parent. It makes you a smart one. Delegating and asking for help means that you will probably spend less time completely mentally and physically wiped out.

My speech pattern goes all to he** when I am particularly tired. Words come out garbled and I can not think of what I want to say. I just try to take my time and not get upset. There's no point and it is not productive. At this stage, I could care less what other people think about my inability to pronounce something properly. If push comes to shove, I will say that I am disabled which usually elicits a modicum of understanding. There is no place for pride with this illness. Another hard lesson to be learned...

I hope that by the time you read this, things have calmed down a bit. Take care.


kvc33 - December 17

I have always had some fibrofog but lately with my latest disorder I can't remember a thing, even what I did two minutes ago. I now have more compassion for people with dementia. Thankfully the fog seems to be getting better the last few days. It's scary to come out of the library and have no idea where I parked my car. As a side note, I think that parents are expected to do far too much these days. The teachers and coaches, etc need to lighten up. The idea that we have to keep cramming more activities, more treats, more gifts, more everything into our lives is nuts. Tis the season for women to be in tears as they try to be perfect. I'm glad I don't try.


kimzsoa - December 17

I hate that...I will be telling a story and forget what the heck I was leading up to, grrr, very frustrating.


kimzsoa - December 17

I also have found when I am tired I can not for the life of me remember anything I KNOW...such as a phone number or other bits of info that normally come easy for me...maybe we both need extra sleep to help symptoms lessen???



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