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Should I consider I have fibromyalgia?
6 Replies
southernk4 - May 17

I have been conducting research over the past week to see if I have fibro. I have so many symptoms that fit the profile but I dunno if I should consider talking to a doctor about it. Here are my constant symptoms:
-I can't sleep at night but I can take naps all through the day
-My legs feel restless at night and I toss and turn to get comfortable
-The bottoms of my feet are hot when I lay down to sleep
-I get a headache everyday at the same time about mid afternoon
-I never have energy, I wake up and I am still exhausted even if I haven't done anything.
-I have no stamina to go to the gym or have sex with my husband
-I get into almost biopolar moods a lot
-My boby always feels like its going to collapse even when I do stuff I love to do
-I'm always hungry

I've been tested for diabetes, pregnancy, and depression. All came up negative except my doctor thinks I am depressed. I am only depressed because I feel like I am a failure cause I quit everything I start because of the way I feel. What do I do? Any suggestions?


Fantod - May 17

I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time. Have you been evaluated for a thyroid problem? There are a lot of things that can mimic Fibromyalgia (FMS). I would suggest that you see a rheumotologist and if your thyroid has not been checked that should be part of the evaluation process. Take care.


southernk4 - May 18

My Doctor tested me for thyroid too and I was normal. I thought this was diabetes (it runs in my family)so I went to the doctor and he ran some tests and everything came up fine.


Fantod - May 19

Have you been checked for hormone issues? Have you considered getting a second opinion from someone else? Take care.


chrissy1956 - May 24

I think your symptoms sound more like someone suffering with depression.

I could tell you,it would take a few pages though,about everything you go through with fibro but if you do have depression you could find yourself fitting the facts to suit the need for an explanation as to how you feel.

If you ask your Doc to refer you to a rheumotlogist then they do certain tests that would be able to tell you if you have fibromyalgia or at least discount it.


axxie - May 24

I just wanted to welcome you to our forum, and let you know, that after reading your post, I would like for you to see your doctor pronto and tell him/her what you just wrote, there seem to be a moment of depression and I would urge you to act on it. The longer you are in denial the longer it will take you time to get help and get cured.

I'm wondering if you are just finding symptoms because you are unhappy about something about your life.

Maybe it's one of those lifes moment, can't decide if you want to work, can't decide if you want kids, can't decide if you should play house with a certain someone, and finally just being bored, being at home and not being involve in either working for pay, or for volunteering.

I had that moment for a little while and it took me a long time to get myself out of that mood. Then when I decided to volunteer and I found friends and it occupied my day with the kids at school and I had a social network. It help me get over my moods real fast.

You write about bipolar moods, I would ask you to read up on it, bipolar are something totally different. Bipolar disorder causes extreme mood swings, from feeling overly energetic (mania) to feeling very sad or having low energy (depression).

Good luck to you and seek medical help, or better prior to see your doctor, why don't you go talk to a consulor that might help you open your options.


JOEGIRL - May 26

Southernk4,, I am not a doctor or nurse but sounds to me like you are depressed. Depression does come with fibro so I think a good checkup is the best thing for you to do. Goodluck and I hope you are feeling better soon.Come back and let us kmow how you are doing.



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