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Should We Tell?
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January - September 10

As for fibromyalgia - I'm not so sure I want to tell any new doctors that I ever got that diagnosis. Once I say that word, they seem to change right in front of my eyes! (Anybody else notice this??) Then it's easy to blame everything on fibro. Or, they don't believe it exists, and dismiss me. Or they think I'm a depressed whiner and dismiss me.


I think I'm going to let any new doctor figure things out from the start. (I still have my excellent rheumy, and he can treat my fibro.) As far as the others, I'm not going to lie, I'll write down ALL my symptoms, but I am not going to use the word "fibromyalgia" any more! Maybe I'll get better treatment and a new perspective on things. (I hope electronic med records - which are WRONG in many cases - don't blow this for me.) What do you think?


Cher0208 - September 10

Thats a great point. The second you say Fibro it's over. Has to do with what they are being taught in medical school. They are probably told that we are hysterical and depressed. If I have to see a doctor after this specialist I won't mention that word.


kvc33 - September 11

I often go in to a local clinic so I've seen many different doctors. If the subject comes up I have no problem telling them I have fibro. I go in about a specific symptom and that is my focus. I haven't had any bad responses but if a doctor doesn't believe in it I really have no problem with that. It doesn't mean that he/she thinks I'm making up my health problems, it could simply mean that they think it is a 'catch-all diagnosis' that doesn't have any real meaning. My pain is mild though so I'm sure I would feel differently if I were suffering like many on this board. It's my exhaustion that is severe and it is frustrating when people tell me how great I look and sound but I understand their perception. I ran into an old friend tonight who asked how I was and he was surprised at my answer, and told me how good I looked. I agree that I look good, especially with a smile on my face. I told him that I fake it for a while and then go home and crash. He is a nice man and I'm not concerned about whether or not he fully understands. The one who matters to me is my dear bf and he totally gets it. My mother is another story, her partial denial has been very hurtful to me but that is who she is and it won't change. I love her and I know she just wants the best for me.


Nee_ster310 - September 11

I too have seen that. I usually go with my mom to he appointment and in the past 8 years it was the same thing over and over. About 4 months ago I went with my mom to the docs and our doctor refereed us to a new product called Kyani. He gave us the website and an order number and told my mom to try this for a couple months. There are 3 all natural products. Its called Extreme, Sunrise and sunset. Well, to get to the point, My mother's Fibro is gone. My mother went back to the doctor and thanked him for referring her the website. I order this product for my sciatica and diabetes. Its working great for me now. Here is that info that my mom called/looked up to order the product. #283378 As for me I called and got my own order number. You can call there customer service #208-529-9872 and just give them the doctors number 283378. I dont know why doctors can not prescribe this product. But I am greatful for that doctor.


January - September 11

I don't see how Nee_star's comment relates here… if you google "Kyani" you will see it is a multi-level marketing plan selling juice. It's not exactly "new."


January - September 13

I think we have a spammer on our website…. if this bothers you, you can scroll down to the bottom and hit "contact us" - this will take you to a page where you can file a complaint.



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