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shoulder blade pain
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January - January 18

Hi Peggy - it's really late, just happened to check in here before logging out - so I'll keep this short. I'm so glad you felt the massage helped. The burning skin may be coming from some other issue - maybe the massage releases some toxins in your body? Just an idea. There are other things that can cause that sensation of burning skin. Maybe google it and do some research?

Anyway - about the lidocaine shots. I got mine from an anesthesiologist MD who also did acupuncture. Yeah, they're not standing on every corner! But you might try calling anesthesiologists or pain management people and ASK if they would consider the lidocaine method I described earlier, using a fine bore needle, going slowly with many small injections around the knot and then going deeper in. The lidocaine does something to help break up the knotted muscle fibers, and the massage also helps. You might print out the short article I mentioned by Minh Han, MD and show it. I believe this method may have been pioneered by Dr. Janet Travell - her work is online (she used to work with President Kennedy). I am not sure however, if this is her method exactly. But the lidocaine shots sure worked for me. Lots of small shots, all given at the same time. Several sessions. Also, I was told to rest for 24 hours after the injections - not to do strenuous work, but take it easy. Then about a week later, I would go in for a massage to work on the knots. I think I went for massages every week or two - but not for too long - maybe a few months. Those knots are gone. I do sympathize with the shoulder blade knots - they are SO painful. Hope you can get some relief quickly. Sorry if I've repeated myself - it's late and I gotta get some sleep! : ) Let me know how you're doing!


tiredmomma - June 8

I get this too!!! So glad to know I'm not alone. Pretty sure my family thinks I'm the biggest wimp. I guess its tension/stress/TMJ? I feel like these knots will never go away. I'm going to see a holistic doctor Monday to see if maybe she can help? Seems hard to believe this is all from fibro :/


lorij - January 28

Hi, I have had the same symptoms as BEONE, but am not sure if it is fibro. My mother was diagnosed with Fibro several years again, however when I mention it to my doctor she seems to shrug it off. I have been going to the chiro for the pain, but it has not worked. This pain is different from general burining between the shoulder blades and base of neck from stooping over (I have had this off and off my entire life). I am 51 and the shoulder blade has increased tremendously over the last year. The chiro seems to think it is related to my disks. I have had simliar patterns on the left, but they are much less frequent, and when it does act up it is on a 1 pain scale, whereas on the right it is an 8. Any suggestions on how to confirm or not confirm a fibro diagnose?


Suzetooz63 - June 6

I had a really rough weekend dealing with the neck (and back of head) and shoulder blade pain


fibro38 - October 1

Hey there for the last month's I have recently been getting a lot of pain in between my 2 shoulder blades that goes all across that area and radiates through in my brightside into my breast I'm sooo glad to read this as I thought I was going mad. It also travel into my ribs and tummy it feels like a burning and scratching sensation almost like trapped gas u experience after an operation I hope you are feeling better .x



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