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jnbdavies - December 15

I have gotten GREAT supportive responses on here, Im very EXCITED/EAGERD to learn more. Let me ask a goofy question, will stress make me flare up? I work at a cell phone company in the cancellation department, and its a stress job (10 years) and you would think i would be used to it lol...
Is there any secrets to share? I have a hot tub and when I get out I have about 25 min to clean my house and not over doing it before the pain gets unbareable.


axxie - December 15

Hi, the more stress the harder you fall, meaning yes, it will greatly highten your pain level.

A messy house is not a dirty house, and who says people in your family can't help. It's enough that you have a high stress level working from 9 to 5, do you have to come home and be stressed because you have to clean the house. I paid myself a holiday, I clean when I can, yes the floor could stand to be a little cleaner, but now I only clean on week-end, if I'm not too tired and I can clean. Otherwise my family knows if they want something done, do it yourself.

Yes, the job you are in stressfull, don't make your entire life full of stress, let go of cleaning your house every day to every couple of days.

After alot of pain and misery, you'll learn to stop stressing yourself for nothing, cause when there's too much stress you collapse.


Fantod - December 15

Your new best friend again (lol) - Yes, stress will make your symptoms much worse and cause flares. Tai Chi is recommended for FMS. You could get a DVD and do it at home. It is very relaxing and will also give you a slow, gentle work out at the same time. Tai Chi is noted for its meditative qualities which is very helpful for stress.

When you start to feel stress build try taking a deep breath that moves your stomach. In through the nose and out of the mouth. Do this several times in a row until you notice a calmer state setting in.

Another option is to try journaling your feelings. Some people find this very helpful and a good stress buster.

I hope you will carefully consider my suggestions about looking at other medication options. After three years, your pain levels should be under better control. Good luck and keep asking those "goofy" questions. We are all here to help.


solanadelfina - December 15

Goofy questions are what make the world go round and stories become awesome. :) Please continue asking them, as they help us all.

Definitely, stress can amplify symptoms. What is your immediate work environment like? Is there any way that you could make it more comfortable? Say, be able to have some tea or hot chocolate to sip between calls, or bring an ipod to listen to nice music on your lunch break?

Also, are there any particular customer scenarios that can set your symptoms off? I've worked with the public in different jobs over the years and would love to trade tips. Sometimes something as small as taking a little breath when the phone rings before answering it has made a difference.

When the days were really bad, my managers would let me go lie down in the breakroom for ten minutes, and I'd play something like Enya or Loreena McKennitt and just mentally be away from the stressors for a bit to get grounded again. Or if you're creative, think about a project you'd like to do.



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