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Sun-burn like effect on skin?
16 Replies
nanswajo - July 11

Can Fibromyalgia cause a sunburn-like effect on your skin? For me it comes and goes but is mostly present, especially on my thighs.


Kim - May 8

If you mean burning sensation then yes I get that a lot.


Kim - May 8

If you mean a skin burning sensation, then yes, I get that too.


nanswajo - May 10

Hi Kim and others, I asked the question about sunburn. What is wierd for me is that, yes, it burns a little, feels hot and is red just like a sunburn. I think for me it is a sign of a big flare-up. I have only recently experienced a flare up of Fibro. I never thought it would be so bad. I have had FM for a while, but a severe allergic reaction to anti- inflammatories where my whole body was covered in hives seems to have triggered a huge flare including this sunburn thing. It is so hard for others who don't have this to understand, isn't it?


randamer - May 16

I, too, have a sudden burning sensation on my back, like a sunburn. Noticed it this week when my son patted my back. Have not been diagnosed with Fibro yet, but have been in extreme muscle pain and weakness for about a year, sometimes better-sometimes bad. Scary to have a new symptom.


[email protected] - June 6

yes i have those feelings [in wrists inner thighs and soles of feet


Karen - July 11

me too. It just recently started. hands, calves and inner thighs and inner elbows. no redness, but a distinct feeling of touching a sunburn when touching those areas


barley - July 7

Yes, I get this too especially on my arms, they turn red and look like they are sunburnt. But I find the worst for me is actual exposure to the sun, got very badly burnt last year despite high factor cream. Will definitely stay in doors more this year, although it's tough for my children to put up with in the school holidays.


rnsarah32 - July 27

YES! I get them on my knees, chest, neck and rhumatologist told me that fibromyalgia causing overactive nerves can actually cause vasodilation...which would contribute to the heat and redness because more blood is flowing to the area (almost like when you injure yourself)


dannape - July 27

i, too have that. just last week, as a matter of fact, it was the first time i had experienced it, and i didn't know what the heck was going on. my neck, shoulders, back, thighs and arms, felt just like i had a bad bad sunburn, i couldn't stand anyone to touch me. everytime someone came up and patted my back, and even put their arm around me, i was like "ow ow ow, don't touch me" it lasted about a week, and then disappeared as quickly as it came...very strange.


January - July 28

Please see my recent post about Cymbalta.


valjoy - August 23

Yes, the sun gives me terrible hives all over the exposed parts of the body so I have to cover up as much as possible. Big watery sunburnt blisters after a couple of hours outside. I only get it from the sun nothing else, not the wind or overcast days just the direct sun hitting me.


RG - March 11

I have not officially been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but over the last year I have had increasing symptoms of it. I more recently had a sudden onset of full body redness that looked and felt like a really bad sunburn, just as you described. I thought I was just having an allergic reaction, and went to the ER. It's happened multiple times since I finished the steroid they prescribed me, it but it doesn't last for more than a few seconds and I have yet to figure out whether it's related to fibromyalgia, or something else.


Jocelyn - March 11

When I am in my pool and in the sun for too long, I tend to get a burn that feels like it is pinching me all over. Over the next couple of days my skin produces tiny blisters that pop and the water comes out. I just have to be careful how much sun I get on very hot sunny days and make sure I cover up or put on extra sun block. I am not sure if this was due to the Plaquenil I was on or the Prednisone, or just a part of my health issues. So...I just do what I can and still enjoy the sun and pool as much as I can because I am pain free when in the water.


January - March 14

I've seen this thread before and thought it didn't relate to me. No, I never have sunburn pain unless I've been in the sun, I thought. But I had read about Cymbalta having a similar side effect.

Tonight I put up a post about mold and fibro - a new connection I recently started thinking about. When I have opened up boxes of old papers - or been in areas that were very dusty (maybe moldy??) - I get a prickling, sunburn like feeling on my face! It is annoying, not terribly severe. But I wonder if some of the posts on this thread could possibly be related to mold? I think some fungal rashes can give you a sunburn like feeling.


navydad - March 15

yesterday the sun came out and it was really warm,, I had to come in,, the sun felt like it as burning the skin off my back and legs,, again,, its due to a neuropathy,, fibro should not cause all of these burning symptoms,, its from the nerves dying off,, if you dont think so,, ask your neuro or the rheummy about small fiber neuropathy,, how they cant dx it without a biopsy


Karendernst - July 29

I have discovered that I have flareups of this same burning, or even having been sandblasted under the fleshy part of my upper arms, and cheek areas occurs when I take a decongestants, and NOW its happening with clairitin (antihistimine). The sensation is so horrendous like I have a severe 1st degree burn. I've never found any way to get reliefe from topicals or other type of treatment. I just have to let the decongestant get out of my system which will take about 24 hours.



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