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sweating~heat intolerance
13 Replies
rhyannonkyle - June 21

Everywhere I read that with fibromyalgia, you have problems when the temperature is cold. I am just the opposite. I cannot handle heat, especially humid heat. Temps much above 80 cause me to sweat on my face and neck so bad I am drenched. If I go from air-conditioning to a warmer place, I will break out in a debilitating sweat within seconds. Anyone else experience this?


cntryredhead - June 22

I go through this daily. I thought it was from a depo shot I received to induce menopause, however, they ended 3 months ago and I break out in a sweat constantly.


Bobette - July 11

I have had fibro for 8 years know and this last two years i have started this dripping sweat problem also but, i think some might be due to the pain meds and antidepressants. They can make you sweat.


lumper - July 12

I have the same problem. I have been suffering for many years (undiagnosed) with FMS. Just within the last five years I have been really sensitive to heat. It used to be just the opposite. I used to be really bothered by cold but not anymore. I also just read that sweating can go along with FMS. A long with the many other joys we have.


banditmilo - July 16

O MY Me too. Along with this new (nerve) pain, I am drenched with sweat. I am in such bad shape, Im gonna ask my Dr. for this new drug called Lyrica


Almha - August 7

I do have problems with heat. I was diagnosed with fribro in Lima about 5 years ago (after many frustrating tests that only said I was fine in everything they tested). When I described my symptoms with heat to a doctor here (USA) he said that was atypical for fibro. I do not sweat, I just get hot and the pain increases, so I put ice on my arms, legs and everywhere I can, but then I start feeling cold :o( ... But i know what will happen if I try to warm up... :o( ...


charliebrown - August 7

Hello, I too, went through this and it was terrible. My doctor put me back on low dosages of hormone replacement and it cleared it up after about 3 weeks. (I had been of them for about a year and a half now. I was on them the last time for about 2 months and have since stopped. The heat does not bother me as much now. Don't know if it might return, but it is sure good to not be soaked all the time, like having a bad fever. Banditmilo, you describe a nerve pain that I think I have, my fibro specialist said it is part of FMS, but I just cannot stand the pain. Do you know what it is exactly? I went last week and had a IMS treatment, it didn/t seem to do much for the nerve pain, but did help the deep muscle pain. Was told that I would need at least 4 treatments to know if it was going to work on me. Gentle hugs to all.


BreeZ - August 8

having the same problems with breaking into sweats.. but then i have cold flashes too.. not sure if it's my fibro or just lack of hormones as i came off them a year ago... My GYN refused to give me anymore. CharlieBrown .. could you tell me what an IMS treatment is.. i thought i had tried most everything.. but have not heard of this.. thanks and hugs


hoppy - September 19

I have been suffering with this heat intolerance thing for about 3 years. I live in a very hot area in the summer and if I get overheated, my head just starts to drip, neck gets soaked and get weak. I have to find a chair and sit down until I can cool off. Makes it very miserable to even go into a store to go shopping...........I am miserable.........does anyone else feel this way????? Gentle hugs to all........


osceolaoz - September 19

Wow, I have also had a problem with temp. With any minimal amount of exertion, I turn red and sweat just drips off my head. I get light-headed and shake. I looked up the symptoms and it (again) came back to fibro. I can't get anything done, I am embarrassed to be seen. Is this also a fibro symptom to get overheated even when it's cold?


osceolaoz - September 19

Sorry, forgot to add, I've been post menopausal since 2000, and those hot flashes finally stopped. I can't take anything close to estrogen due to blood clots, so that ruled out the trend for natural hormone replacement therapy. I have been on prozac since 1994, so I don't think it's that and I only take the librax when i have an ibs attack because i don't have insurance now. While I was off on medical leave, my company terminated me and my insurance went from 500/family to 1200, over 500 for myself. I can't do it. I am now on social security, and the government wants to take it away and raise the medicare age. What am I supposed to do? I am so ticked off, scared and miserable. If I didn't have a wonderful son, I think I would just give up the fight. I know you understand, I hurt all the time and nothing but cannibus and percoset helps.


fibromite.u.k. - September 20

I also have this problem. I break out in horrible sweating and am covered in it. Although I am really hot with it, the sweat is all cold and clammy and my husband and son don't want to touch me when I am like it, as they say it feels awful.

The odd thing is that I have an underactive thyroid and that is supposed to make you cold, but I seem to be always hot. I have a friend with fibro and an underactive thyroid and she is just the same as me.


Teasaidh - September 16

Temperature dysregulation is a common issue for people with fibro, and while cold intolerance is more common, some people (like myself) experience heat intolerance. Others have issues with extremes of temperature on either end of the spectrum. For me, exposure to temps over 75 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes or more is likely to trigger a flare up and trying to bring my body back to homeostasis after I've become overheated takes hours.


abbychic75 - May 13

I don't sweat during the day, only at night and drench my pillow, sheets and comforter. Also, I'm not hot. There isn't a stinky smell, but rather more on the sweet side. I don't know if it's a Fibro or pre-menopausal symptom. Has anyone experienced this as well?



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