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Symptoms ....
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JanaMarie - September 19

Let me preface by saying I have not been diagnosed with this condition however....

Since I was a child ive had pain. Growing pains, joint pain, muscle pain. As ive gotten older other things like injuries illnesses etc have occurred. Between my various physicians and myself ive chalked all these symptoms up to being crazy and neurotic. No one person could have so many things wrong with them almost all of the time.

Lately the pain has become so bad that its affecting my relationship with my children, especially the youngest. I no longer think this is in my head and I cant ignore it. OTC meds arent working; when prescribed short term meds are no longer used the problems return (stiff muscles, anxiety, gi issues, headaches, sleep issues, PAIN PAIN PAIN, I could go on and on).

Ive done a lot of research on this and everything im feeling/experiencing could be explained away right here.

Im afraid though that if I approach any of my treating physicians they are going to blow me off. Since having mono as a child most doctors do....they just dont take the time thats needed to look at my history and listen to what im going through on a daily basis. Its just too much information!

Any advice on how you found a doctor and addressed such a wide range of issues? I am without insurance but am willing to pay out of pocket to get help that is lasting. Short term solutions are just that, the symptoms return. But I want to be able to find a doctor worth paying for and waste as little money as possible trying to get help.

I really am desperate at this point for some advice..


Fantod - September 19

Hi JanaMarie - Call your local hospital physician referral service and see if they know of a fibro-friendly rheumotologist. If not, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and see if they can make a recommendation. You may also find a support group in your area at the same site. The support group might be able to recommend a rheumy. Seeing a rheumotologist is the thing you need to do to determine if you have FMS or not. Several other things mimic it but it sounds like you have had pretty through medical care. A fresh set of eyes is definitely needed. I hope my suggestions are helpful. Take care.



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