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The Last Few Days Have Been Crazy
3 Replies
toots2889 - January 12

Hello all! Ive had a stressful,crazy few days with my son. My son went snow boarding on Sunday with a church group. On his last trip down the hill, he took a nasty fall off of the jump. He landed on his shoulder and had a hard time getting up due to pain. When he got home and showed us we took him to the ER right away. He was complaining of a headache and his right hand was ice cold. The right shoulder was sagging down and his arm was just hanging there. We thought for sure he dislocated his shoulder. We get there and they to think he dislocated his shoulder. Now keep in mind hes a wrestler, in his senior year, has 99 wins, and college offers on the table. We were definitely worried. They started to sedate him and gave him a shot of dilaudid,and valium, so they could get ready to put it back in place. They had also taken x-rays, and they had finally gotten those results. The shoulder wasnt dislocated, which was great news and a huge relief. We were advised to have him seen the next day by a orthopedic surgeon as it could be that he tore muscles & legaments in there, or fracture his growth plate, ect. Needless to say I was up most of the night keeping an eye on him, as he had never had pain meds before. He was higher than a kite, and they sedated him so much that he was sleeping on the couch talking in his sleep, and moving all over the place. The last thing i needed was for him to fall off the coach and injure himself more.
We took him in to see his ortho. and he gave us good news. Nick was very lucky and only substained a #2 seperation or also known as a sprain. He will be able to wrestle again as soon as he can without to much pain. I swear that kid has a angel watching over him, because he has had so many close calls.
I went to the dr. yesterday myself, and had a good talk with him about the recent Wisconsin trip i took, and how bad my short term memory has gotten, and he put me on gabapentin 100mg. We will see how adding that does, and if we need to up it we will. Im hoping it helps.


Fantod - January 13

Wow - As if you did not have enough on your plate already. I'm relieved to hear that your son is going to be fine. He really must have an angel looking out for him. Talk soon!


Auvonto - January 13

omg Toots. I will pray for you and your son. (sounds like my 13yr old) lol. I'm glad that he's alright and hope you BOTH feel well soon.


toots2889 - January 14

Thank you guys for your support! Yes, it was definiately a trying few days for us. Nick is doing much better now, but that shoulder is still very painful. We dont know when he will be hitting a wrestling mat, but thats ok. I would rather him make sure hes completely healed and ready physically than risk another injury. You guys will not believe this, but his coach actually wanted him to wrestle last night against our biggest rival in the section. He wanted Nick to go out and get a lead and then try and stall through the rest of the match! I was furious, and told his coach he was crazy and it wasnt gonna happen.
When I went to the dr., like I said we had a good talk. I finally had to admit that my condition has gotten worse, which was very hard for me. Im one of those people who liked to be organized and in control of things, and im finding that to be very difficult for me. My pain has increased, and i dont like that either. I sat my boys down and talked to them about it, and they surprised me with their reaction. They said they noticed some of it already themselves. They were very understanding. They are great kids. I got real lucky with them.



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