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They turned me down again !?/*$
8 Replies
ptalana - March 12

I can't believe that my request to have my denial reversed for CPP disability has been turned down, crap!!!!! I'm so frustrated with the whole system, I've paid into this for over 25yrs in the unlikely event that I'd be in the very situation I find myself in now. Honestly I spend most of everyday flat on my back with my knees raised. The amount of meds I have to take to try to control this never ending pain! Not to mention my mobility issues having to resort to crawling up stairs, using a walker and wheelchair.
Not to mention the depression that I've been trying so hard to ignore and pretend doesn't exist. How can I possibly feel good about myself when most days I don't recognize the person I've now become.
I've always been a fiercely independent woman, able to raise my family on my own. Loved working and having a very active lifestyle! It wasn't easy having to ask for help from the gov't, but I accepted the fact that I had no choice.
Now I have to get legal help, when we don't have money to eat without help from my in-laws!!! Thank God for their generosity, love, caring, and understanding.
Thanks once again for letting me vent.
Hope this day finds you all well, Patty


Noca - March 12

There are lawyers who wont charge you until they win your case. I have heard ones in NY for example have a 98% success rate with winning CPP cases.

Sorry they denied you. Keep trying. (((hugs)))


ptalana - March 14

Hey Noca, I live just west of Toronto so I'm trying to find a law firm in my area that has good success rate.
If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate any names.
Thanks Noca I will continue trying.
Have a super weekend, Patty:)


Noca - March 14

Oh you live soo close! We should meet up sometime for a coffee or tea at a timmies ^^ if your up for it.


ldyl - March 15

I know the pain your in and can relate. I was turned down 3 times and finally after 3 1/2 years fighting it I got it last year. Don't give up. I was diagnosised with fibro when I was 27 years old so going to disability trying to file at 27 was very difficult because of my age. You are too young to be on disability is what I heard over and over. I was told by someone who knows the system that if you have been depressed tell them. If you have ever cried tell them. At first I was ashamed to do so because I didn't want people to think I was crazy. But as the fibro pain got worse and worse, the depression kicked in, seperating myself from people, trying to take care of my 2 kids and not feeling that I was not an adequate provider because I can't work, the little gov assistance, the depression got worse. In public I tried to put on my fake smile but by myself I just cried and cried and still do sometimes. On my last attempt to file for disability I told them that. I was sent to a Physiatrist and not the medical doctor this time. When I got there I just broke down about everything. Anyone dealing with fibro knows it is very difficult for people to understand what your going thru because you LOOK LIKE there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU!! Even though I am in pain everyday I look unto God for my help and strength, I know He is the one that is sustaining me. Do check into a disabilty lawyer. Keep trying and don't give up. :)


Noca - March 15

I think its easier to get disability for depression than Fibromyalgia.


axxie - March 26

My advice, based on my experiences - apply for CPP on the basis of depression. If you have fibromyalgia or CFS then chances are good you are also depressed. Don't even mention fibromyalgia in any medical reports. It's the same way with private and group disability plans. The key is to find a "sympathetic" shrink.
Goog luck, I know my doctor has had run in with the insurance she told me, that Fibro in itself will not be accepted, but if you twist the record a bit and say the main thing is depression with fibro it will work.


bernieg - April 6

Hello all.
Ptalana, my word, ye have to go through a lot of trouble to get disability, I see a lot of you have to go to a lawer, wow. I live in Ireland adn although it's hard enough to get on it it's not as bad as ye. I am trying to get it now because of my fms, I hope I get it, I'll let you know.
I was daignosed last year after it seemed to attack me just overnight. It started with a bit of numbness and tingleing in my right, then went on to my left hip. Within a week I could not walk without help. I ache absolutly everywhere,I think the only place I'm not sore is my face. I am a bit better now that I'm on Amitryptaline, 75 at night and Tramadol during the day. I don't have a social life because I can't sit for long in the one place. I find it very hard to accept, it has ruined my life. Sorry for goin on.
Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm sure I will talk to ye soon, take care.Bernie


ptalana - April 6

Thanks all for the advice and encouragement, it's greatly appreciated!!!!
Update, I have to go before a tribunal, not sure of the date yet but will let you know. My atty that's handling my case against my employer and insurance carrier will be representing me. I will definitely mention about the likelihood of using depression as opposed to fms. I have spent the last 5yrs fighting the depression, not wanting anyone to think I was crazy!!! How silly to care what people who I don't know and are not a part of my everyday life would think.
I feel so compelled to get fms out there into the light, this is a disorder that is turning our lives upside down and there are still health care professionals who don't even accept it's existence:( Which only adds to the dreaded stress that we are supposed to avoid like the plague. Not to mention finding a caring, understanding, and knowledgeable doctor that will be able to help in our health care.
I will keep you all updated on what the outcome to my fight is.
Thanks again all, you're the best!!!
I hope this finds you all well, Patty
ps: A warm welcome to bernieg who is joining us from Ireland!! Welcome to our fibro family bernie, I look forward to getting to know you better :)



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