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Thought I would introduce myself
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teach - December 29

I am tickled to have found this board.

I was diagnosed with fibro about four years ago after two VERY long years of testing and Dr. visits, etc.

I am 37 years old, married, with two awesome kids (12 YO son and 8 YO daughter). I am an Assistant Principal at a high school and I taught special education before that.

I am blessed with a wonderful husband who does his best to understand the Fibro and all that goes with it (although it is impossible for him to truly understand).

I am just looking forward to others who do understand and who can provide ideas and support when things get tough. I have to suck it up many days to get through work and my job since I do not have an understanding boss at all.

Anyway, glad to have found the board and looking forward to getting to know you all.


Noca - December 29

Welcome to the board!


Fantod - December 29

Welcome to the board!


Stacey373 - December 30

Welcome to the board Teach! This is a great forum and everyone on here are very nice and supportive. Feel free to vent, ask questions, or give your suggestions anytime. Stacey :o)


Leflock2011 - January 5

Hi everyone, I too am a "newbee" to this forum.
I have just spent a sleepless night with muscle/leg pains and severe burning sensation in lower limbs so thought I would look for some help online!
I have had Chronic Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia for about five years and I have tried Gabapentin,Pregablin, Lyrica etc. but was intolerant to them.I finally found a Pain Clinic specialist who was sympathetic and prescribed CLOMAZEPAN which has finally eased the stiffness, sleeplessness and painful nights to some extent. I am also on TRAMADOL and PARACETAMOL for pain.

However, I took a short plane journey last evening to return home and I am wondering if this has anything to do with last night's painful episode?
I have also found that the Fibromyalgia has turned me into a walking meteorologist as my body pain predicts the oncoming cold spells!
I am only 50,and I have reduced mobility, but I have come to terms with my condition and I have learned to "PACE" myself, despite being a single parent with an Autistic child.Negativity just creates more pain so I try to think of what I CAN do rather than what I cannot.
I am looking forward to sharing and caring on this Forum and I wish you all a Happy New Year.


Stacey373 - January 5

Hi leflock2011 - Welcome to the forum! I'm pretty sure that your trip was exactly what caused you to have pain and problems. anything like that will send me into a flare up every time! I hope you start feeling better soon....hopefully this won't last long! Take Care, Stacey :o)


Auvonto - January 5

I'm glad you found this board. I was very happy too. I hope that one day your boss will be more accepting of your condition. Being that you all are in the business of education you'd think that your boss would look more into this. oh well. welcome and i hope you stay with us



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