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esvh28 - June 10

Hi there!
I was just my googling my symptoms and it all seemed to lead me here, but i'm really quite unsure, and somewhat skeptical when it comes to fibromyalgia. But i'd love some help all the same!

I'm female, eighteen, working fulltime.
My mothers sister suffers from fibromyalgia.

my symptoms:

Quite severe IBS, mostly from lactose, but also caffine, alcohol and sometimes breads and acidic foods.

Really bad back pain, always feeling uncomfortable and sometimes cant sleep it's so bad. My work physio says its caused by my physical job. lower and upper back muscles constantly in spasm.

The last couple of weeks i've been getting this feeling like ive been walking through a strong spiderweb. it could also be described as an electric shock feeling coursing over my face. only the left side, over my nose and up to the far side of my eyebrow. its very creepy!

I also have super poor circilation in my arms and legs, often waking up with totally numb hands.

Always headachey- although this could just be dehydration.

I think thats it!!


esvh28 - June 10

Been doing some further thinking!

Also constantly very tired. Stressed. Very emotional- will cry at the drop of a hat, which can sometimes turn into a little panic attack. Anxiety?
I have a decent diet, but still catch alot of colds.


Pikespeak - June 10

Hi there! Welcome to the forum! Each person that reads your symptoms will relate to a few of them! My symptom that drove me crazy (and finally a diagnosis) was being wide-awake at night when I knew I was exhausted! I read FIBROMYALGIA FOR DUMMIES and saw myelf on every other page! My daughter and first cousin have FMS, and now I look back at possible (deceased) family members that might have had it...although your aunt might have different symptoms, I would call her and have a chat. She could be a huge source of support while you're figuring all this out. IMHO, addressing sleep issues makes tolerating FMS do-able. Stay positive!


January - June 10

Before somebody sticks you on antidepressants….

Please start with a simple stool test or blood test to rule out celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. It can cause Gi symptoms, mood disorders, pain and neurological symptoms. It is rapidly growing for some unknown reason (probably our over-processed diet) - and 97% go undiagnosed because most drs. don't know much about it. The test MAY come back negative, but while you are still eating bread and flour, ask for the celiac antibody panel. If you have this disease, the simple treatment is avoiding gluten - and you WILL feel so much better, and avoid many diseases that are caused by the malabsorption and inflammation caused by gluten allergies!

You can google for more info, or go to the Celiac Sprue Association website.

Good luck to you. Something is wrong if you are having these symptoms. Please advocate for yourself, find a dr who will work with you - and take care of yourself.



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