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weakness on left hand side
10 Replies
peachmelba - December 12

hi all i was wondering if anyone gets weakness all of a sudden on one side of the body. because my arm and leg feel like they don't want to do anything ,even though i can still do things it feels like someone has drained all the energy out of my arm and leg . it only happens on the left hand side though. and my limbs feel like jelly as though i'm going to collapse even though i don't.
also my calf muscle feels like when you've had cramp in it, and i get the after pain feeling of weakness in it but i dont necessarily get the burning sensation or chronic pain in them its just weakness. take care fibropals


gucci - January 16

hi peachmelba, yea i get the weakness all the time and always in the left side of my body feels exactly as you described i also get it in my chest area and it really frightens me .been to e.r on few occasions and they say its not my heart it a fibro flare up which is reassuring .i had a bad flare up last night and my arm is still weak and achey this morning doesnt help with this cold wether at the mo.


LAM630 - January 17

i am definitely weaker on my left side - at least my arm anyway. when i'm having a bad time of it, i have to use 2 hands to pick up something instead of just my left hand - like in the grocery store.


ddavies - January 18

I am with all of you. My wrists are not strong. If trying to bake it is hard for me stir for any length of time. My hands also swell. For me ever trying to make a bed is a big chore. And also as LAM630, at times it does take 2 hands to do stuff.


peachmelba - February 12

thank you so much for your feedback. i don't know if anyone has noticed this but reading quite a few posts it alway's seems to be on the left hand side ,does any one else have the same thought.
take care fibro pals xxx
from peachmelba uk


FibroGal - February 13

Wow, I'm glad you mentioned this. I have the exact same thing. Weakness and pain is worse in my left arm and hand. I also have a bit of a tremor that seems more prominent at times in left hand.


Mysti - March 7

Hello everyone I'm a newbie and I'm going to throw a spanner in the works here because my weakness is on my right side and involves everything...slight pain side of head..achiness in face, jaw, my right hand puffs up and discolours...and my right eyelid puffs and droops..and wheeziness in chest just on right side..
Anyone else have similar things??


JOEGIRL - March 8

I just get weak all over sometimes and have to sit down for a spell. Does anyone do this? Seems like all my energy just drops at times.
Also I drop things all the time. I get so mad sometimes because I can't open a jar of mayo. I have to get my hubby to open things for me a lot. It really gets to me at times. Makes me feel helpless and angry over just little things like that.


belle1329 - March 9

I have trouble opening things and dropping them too! Hubby to the rescue. I know I just feel ,like such a wimp :-( I used to do everything, very active and loved being busy all the time. Now I dont hardly ever feel like doing anything


belle1329 - March 9

Wow Mysti, I have facial/jaw pain also and my right eye has been puffy for quite sometime now, I thought I had a sty, also slight pain in head.
but have pain on both, left sometimes more
Gucci, right arm has been bothering , and I get the chest pain, it is very scary!! Thanks for that info.


jennvenn05 - March 9

I have the same exact thing as Mysti and Belle... very weird. Its so bad sometimes that all I can do is laugh at myself being that I'm a 25 year old in a 75 year olds body. Only went to a Rheumatologist once and they said it was fibro... Do you also have sensation loss on your right side?? I've lost 50% or so according to my Neurologist. Weird. Meds don't help so far, its been over 6 months.



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