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chrissy101 - June 8

I believe this is the second time i've had what i thought was a "flare up"...

i've gone through a TON of stress lately...

last time i had a flare started with my left eyelid twitching often...and this is how this one has started... if this is fibro..

I'm 20 at the end of the month...i don't have health insurance..and I don't know what to do..or who i need to see.

I have seen the chiropracter (who is very good) 3 times this week..trying to figure out what's going on..i always leave him feeling better..but this week...i feel the the same amount of pain...

Current symptoms:
-Left eyelid twitching
-abdominal pain
-feeling like a 300lb person is sitting on my 100lb body.
-all joints hurting
-ankles and wrists are hurting and gone flimsy
-hips grinding
-I have TMJ
-I can't concentrate..
-feel like i'm in a fog..
-have trouble falling asleep
-suddenly jolting awake shortly after falling asleep..or in middle of the night
-bit depressed
-PAINFUL periods
-chest pains
-burning eyes
-occasionally tingling in the fingers
-feel stiff in the morning
-feel like i never slept
-sometimes burning when i pee
-tight muscles in neck
- went to the movies the other body felt like i'd had 10 energy drinks and got strapped to the seat..i felt like i needed to get up and move... this started at the last 30mins of the movie..i felt like i was just gonna explode..i couldn't watch the last 30mins and just kept moving around in my seat

some of the "11 out of 18" pressure spots..hurt already without being touched :|

My family can't understand how much pain i'm in..even though i try and explain..they just say they're in pain too because of random things... it's hard when they make comments at you..or think nothing is wrong..and inside i'm suffering so bad.

My chiropractor is he's like..every couple months all the sudden something sets me off. We've talked to him about the possibility of fibro.

I don't know what to do..what does it sound like to you all? any help you could give me is GREATLY appreciated.


Gabbie - June 8

Your symptoms certainly sound like you could possibly have fibro but it is very important that you not self-diagnose. After several years of experiencing most of the things you have mentioned, I finally went to see a rheumatologist who ran the needed tests to rule out any other things and I was formally diagnosed with fibro. I encourage you to see a rheumatologist so you will know for certain. I would also like to mention that this site is a place to share with people who really understand. I wish you well.


Fantod - June 10

You really need to go to a rheumotologist for a firm diagnosis of firbromyalgia. Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them who treats FMS. Also ask them if they are aware of any fibromyalgia support groups in your area. Take care.


Amanda Lepto - June 12

It definitely seems that you have some of the same signs I do, with no insurance I can only maybe suggest the free clinics and they could possibly refer you to a doc who will help, social security may help you for the movies check the web for restless leg syndrome, I have that and it is awful, I am the same way. I hope you get the help somewhere



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