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what type of bed or mattress topper works for fibro
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hope4painrelief - July 9

I am hoping to get some suggestions for mattress toppers. I have always had insomnia but with fibro it is so hard to have a good nights sleep. I wake up in pain every morning. My mattress is semi firm and only two years old. Trying to find a topper that could provide some relief from the pain. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Fantod - July 9

That's a subjective question. What works for one person may be completely intolerable for the next. Temperpedic (4 inch) topper or something like that may work if you don't find it too hot. I've seen some other similar options at Costco.

Personally, I like my featherbed. It seems to be comfortable no matter the weather. In addition to the featherbed you have to buy a duvet cover to put on it which can be difficult. The feather bed goes on top of your fitted sheet.

Basically, you will have to go buy some options and try them out. If they don't work, return them and start over. Good luck with your search.


Pikespeak - July 9

You don't say what you are taking for pain or if you take something for sleep...

I have pain in my glutes most mornings--until I get up and walk around. Sometimes I can stretch the right muscle while in bed, which gives me another hour or two of sleep. I also keep Bio-freeze (roll-on) and a NSAID, Voltaren to apply topically. We have a no-flip Beautyrest--a great bed!


heidicat13 - July 28

For me I wish I could afford a Temperpedic.I tried one out in a store and told my sister to leave me there! But I don't have a couple thousand dollars to buy one.So I got a memory foam mattress topper at Wal-Mart for about $280.00 for a Queen size,that was 5 years ago,the only drawback with it is it slides on the bed so I bought a roll of the spongie shelving cover that you would put in cabinets to prevent sliding, and cut & placed it on the corners and sides of the matress.Well that worked ok,but I ended up just buying the deep pocketed sheets and covered the regular firm matress & memory foam topper together.That works a lot better.That made our bed higher too which really helps me get in and out of bed a hell of a lot better than when it was just a firm mattress & boxspring low to the ground.Because everyone who has this horrible condition knows getting up from sitting low is just awefull.We recently celebrated our wedding ann. and my mom asked if we would like to go away for the weekend on her.I said I would love too,but what I really would like is a feather bed and new pillows.Well the feather bed (From Wal-mart for about $ 70.00)we added on top of our matress topper with the memory foam covered that with a matress pad,so the feathers don't stick us and let me tell you it is like laying on a cloud in Heaven! Of course I still have pain and Insomnia from hell,but it is so cozy so when I do actually get an Ambiem to work which is maybe once a week if I am lucky,I do rest better with the changes we made.oThough our noses may soon be hitting the ceiling! lmao but anything that can give me a little comfort is worth it!I just wish I had bought the feather pillows or soft ones instead of firm.To me personally softer is better.I also at one time bought an anti-gravity folding lounge chair from Sam's club (about $45.00) that works just as good as the expensive indoor ones.I actually at one time would sleep in the chair,but my husband left it out in the weather instead of putting it in the shed and the strings got dry rotted,so I need to get another one.I don't know if everyone with FM is like me or not,but when I sleep on any different object wheather it is my own sofa for a nap ( which is very comfortable) I wake up barely able to move.So I try not to even nap on different things,well in the event I get lucky enough to take a nap.Sorry I am rambling now.In a nutshell find out what feels best to you and makes you comfortable and stick with it! But I really think in my 9 years of suffering,anything that you can lye down on and get the tension off of your lower back and feel comfortable get it and I pray you are blessed enough to get a good refreshing rest. I hope this helped a little, Take care,Heidi


dlr0523 - July 29

I have both a foam pad and feather mattress pad on top. But, the one thing I think has done the most good is the heated mattress pad I put on top of that. It's like sleeping on top of a heating pad for my whole body! Wonderful!! You can put it as warm or cool as you want...especially for changes of seasons.


Regina_Davies - July 16

Hey, I have similar issue eight months ago, so I'm collecting opinions and many of them advised to purchase a new mattress. I'm currently happy with Cool Gel one, but there are a plenty much of other different.



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