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Who here treats their fatigue?
3 Replies
Noca - April 17

Who here actually treats their fatigue rather than just their pain? Do you use sleep aids to get a better night's rest, do you use Caffeine or Taurine to wake yourself up during the day or do you use another prescription stimulant?

I've tried getting better nights rest on a good mattress of about 9-11 hours of sleep and sometimes I wake up rested, others I wake up and I'm sooo fatigued I just keep nodding off.

My psychologist today thought I was on drugs and asked if I needed to be looked at by a doctor in the hospital because I was so drowsy. I hate being like this.


MsFibroFog - April 18

I take Cymbalta for depression and Fibro pain and Wellbutrin for the fatigue. We are still in the process of getting the right dose as I still get fatigued. When I am, i just sleep and sleep and sleep.

Oh, I also take Mirapex for my restless legs.

On the nights that I can't sleep or can't stay asleep, I just get up and read or something for a couple of hours. When i go back to bed, I usually can sleep.


axxie - April 25

I take Cymbalta for depression and pain (understand it doesn't do all). I take Trazadone or Desyrel for sleep, that gets me as many hours of sleep as I need.

I get my vitamin B-12 shot every three weeks, that helps the most. There are days I can just nod off at the computer, if I'm on off days, then I usually catch up on sleep. I only work three days a week at only six hours a day. Some days are better then others.

If I can't sleep I get up, and read, or go on the computer, sometimes it works other times it doesn't.


tnichel - April 25

Also on cymbalta. I used to take calcium and magnesium to help with tired muscles and spasms but I keep getting put on antibiotics and have to stop taking them. They do seem to help though. The muscle relaxer I take at bedtime and the one during the day really helps with the fatigue muscles. My muscles aren't as tight at the end of the day. No caffeine!!! It does terrible things to me...too bad it took so long to figure that out. If I'm that sleepy and I'm at work I just have to keep getting up and walk around. sometimes I can't fight it and have to take naps on my lunch break.
Are you keeping to a strict sleep schedule?check with your pharmacist to see if maybe you meds are interacting with one another and causing you more fatigue sysmptoms.



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