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Why no Fibro pain when eating?
10 Replies
polo - February 16

I suffer from fibro / 40 year old male and always wondered why I do not experience fibro symptoms/pain while eating meals...

Is this a mind/body thing or what

Great forum here


Canada17 - February 17

Makes perfect sense to me.

Eating can release chemical reactions that calm the body. When people "make fun" of those who are overweight by saying, "S/he must east their feelings" there is a reason that stereotype exists. People eat to feel happy but many of them eat too much and have that nasty side effect of gaining weight. It can easily become a vicious cycle so you have to be careful. Laughing, sex, and exercise can have the same result, all with less weight gain.


belle1329 - February 18

I have to agree, when my mind is occupied, I sometimes I do not feel the pain or as much pain, and eating is alaot easier than sex, sex is exercise and using muscles lol :), Laughing takes alot of muscle use also :) more than eating :)


Duo - March 4

I am so pleased you can enjoy your food - I have suffered for years with fibro but about ten months ago started suffering with unbearable pain in my temporomandibular joint and for weeks on end when I have a bad "flare-up" I have to liquidise my food as I can't bite or chew without great pain and subsequent headaches/ear ache. Have a steak for me and I wish you well for the future. !!


Noca - March 5

It's great you have found some activity that you can feel pain free by doing.


ptalana - March 5

Hi polo and welcome. While research doesn't conclusively suggest any reason why our pain may be effected by what we eat at this time, there are many of us who experience a significant difference in pain levels. It could very well be associated to chemicals released in our brains when we eat. I know for myself my pain levels do change if I ingest white flour, greasy foods, and dairy. I also have experienced extreme gastrointestinal issues which certain foods as mentioned above contribute to.
I was wondering if you have changed your diet at all? Myself I know I have noticed a significant change in my taste buds. I used to love meat, now eating meat, even cooking it for my family makes me nauseous:( I'm so glad that you find eating is significantly reducing your pain, please have a big old piece of meat for me, lol.
Look forward to getting to know you, polo. Hope this day finds you well, Patty:)


Canada17 - March 5

ptalana, research has shown that eating does release endorphins, what make us feel good. And, they have proven that people really do "eat their feelings" as a way of making themselves feel better. However, eating to make yourself feel better can quickly spiral out of control and when you are battling Fibro, the last thing you want to do is put unnecessary weight on.

It is also not uncommon for our tastes to change as we get older. Things we hated as a child suddenly become our favourites and vice-versa. Same thing with allergies, we can develop new ones at any time.

Also, IBS is a frequent complaint among Fibromites (gastrointestinal issues). I find this a little amusing as there is no test for IBS rather it is diagnosed by testing for and eliminating other more serious diseases. Not so unlike our beloved Fibromyalgia.


axxie - March 5

I agree with all of you, it's true most times when I eat, I do not feel pain, now if we can just bottle up those endorphines for later and release them when we need them, it would be great.

Welcome polo.


Noca - March 5

And endorphins literally means "the morphine witin", in other words our own body's analgesic.


Noca - March 5



ptalana - March 9

We gotta love those endorphines;)



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