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Wondering if I have Fibromyalgia
2 Replies
Treble - July 25

This could be rather lengthy since I've already been through so much with doctors and medical tests. Just a little background to give more info. I am a 56 year old female and I first started having some odd sensations two years ago. The first sensation was a crawling sensation that occurred on my shoulders. I thought it was probably nerve related and possibly involved my neck due to neck pain and stiffness that had been a concern in the past. I even had an MRI of my cervical spine which showed a bulging disc and cervical disc disease but not anything very serious. Furthermore, I began having tingling and numbness in my arms. My doctor referred me to an orthopedic surgeon and he took a look at the MRI that I had two years earlier. He thought there could be some narrowing of the spinal column causing nerve, he wanted me to have another MRI to see if that was going on. I did and the results showed there really hadn't been much change, not enough to cause any of the symptoms that I had been experiencing. So, he sent me to a neurologist and I had a nerve conduction study that turned out normal and had extensive blood work to rule out any deficiencies that could possibly be causing these symptoms. That also turned out normal. He said that I could have further testing such as as a spinal tap but it was very possible that it wouldn't show anything definite. I scheduled a follow-up for 6 months which will be in September. Since having the neurology testing I have developed other symptoms....terrible burning sensations in my lower back, arms, knees and shins and tops of my feet with occasional numbness that continues to be more frequent. Also, I suffer from depression and have taken medication for twelve years but I still feel depressed a lot and so very tired at times for no reason. I feel that my mental ability, memory and concentration are being compromized Being a teacher, this is very frustrating and concerning. I forgot to mention that I also had an MRI of my lower spine and it was also normal. So, here I am not knowing what in the world is wrong with me and wondering what to do about it. I have lots of medical bills that I'm still paying on and a part of me refuses to go to any more doctors.....What should I do????????


kvc33 - July 25

I can't say whether you have fibro or not. At the blue box on left of your screen, click on associated conditions and read that. If you have some of those symptoms as well you may have fibro. If I were you I would wean myself off of the antidepressant and treat the depression with natural methods of which there are many. You would need to come off of the medication slowly and watch for worsening symptoms and your doctor should be aware of what you are doing. Get some books on natural treatments for depression and also educate yourself about the side effects that drugs can cause. See a naturopathic doctor if there is one in your area. I'm not convinced that your spinal problems are not causing your symptoms. Have you seen a chiropractor?


Treble - July 26

Thanks for the suggestions! It sounds like a good starting point. No, I haven't seen a chiropractor but I've been thinking about doing that. Today, I've had lots of burning sensations and also numbness in my feet, especially my left one. It feels quite a bit colder than my right foot. Sort of sounds like a circulation issue....I've experienced that several times in the past, also.



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