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Angry behaviour by husband
4 Replies
esndee - April 11

When my husband and I go shopping I need to use a wheelchair as I can't walk any distance without causing severe fatigue and pain. My problem is that anything will set my husband off and he gets angry and unpleasant He will almost push me into the back of people's feet or make comments under his breath (which I'm sure they hear) if they don't move out of his way fast enough and other generally unpleasant behaviour. If I say anything he gets even more angry at me. This is not like him and I guess it's b/c I'm in a wheelchair but he doesn't agree with my explanation and I can't get him to stop this aggressive behaviour. Does anyone else have a problem like this or perhaps a suggestion. It gets me very distressed.


jdtrust - May 10

I'm very sorry to hear that your husband lacks compassion. Have you showed him medical evidence that what you have is indeed legitimate? Maybe your mall has electric carts where you could handle yourself. I would consider asking a friend to go shopping with you, it's terrible to think that you cannot enjoy an outing without hearing him complain.
You are worth your weight in gold and deserve compassion with this illness.


Helvio - May 14

I feel bad that your husband doesn't uderstand your problem, and I don't understand a lot about fibromyalgia either, but I'm in love with a girl that has it....sha is 23 years old and most of the time she is ok. When she has pains, she can't it walk. I'm worried...
Am I going to be supportive???
Am I readdy for this chalenge???
Help me ! ! !
How much does fibromyalgia affects your life???
How many days of pain do you use get on a period of a year???



esndee - May 15

Hi. As I am new to this site I only just scrolled down and found your replies. How wonderful that you took time out to reply and I'm so sorry that I appeared rude not to answer. Please forgive me.
My husband knows all about my illness and comes to all my medical appointments with me. He is generally very good around the house, it is only when we go shopping. I sometimes do use an electric wheelchair but these can exhaust me if we are out for more than a short time.
I have had this for many years and I am in constant pain and the fatigue is a big problem for me, Helvio. As I am in my 50's I would think that age would be a big factor in making it worse for me and perhaps your girlfriend is young enough to cope and live a reasonably "normal" life. If you truly love someone supporting them will come naturally and it will be a 2-way street. She will support you in other ways during the course of your life together so I wouldn't worry too much at this stage. Good luck.


swag - January 14

I have noticed my fibromyalgia being linked to my husbands moods. Yesterday he threw a tempertantrum with name calling, belittling, and raised voice for around 5 hours. I was stuck in the vehicle with him out of town and could not get away from it. My pain was almost unbearable by time we got home. I have spent the whole day in bed sleeping, pain and exhausted, all day. His moods may be keeping you sick.



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