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How can my mom and I support my sister with Fibromyalgia?
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Mojoneo - August 26

My sister has suffered with this condition for quite sometime. She lives in an apartment alone (where she has to walk up 3 flights of stairs which is very hard on her), has been unemployed for over 9 months, has no air condition in her car (with the TX heat), has frequent car problems, and is currently attempting to ween herself off of most of her pain meds (and experiencing withdrawals). In addition, she lives in a very unsafe apartment complex. Her lease is up at the end of October. Honestly, I'm not sure how she is surviving financially. I have suggested on numerous occasions that she move in with our mother (who lives alone and is 20 min. away from her in a 3 bedroom home). She is very resistant to this idea. However, this truly seems like the most beneficial thing to do. My mother is more than willing to help her in any way possible. We have had heated arguments about this subject and it always ends with her saying, "You don't understand my condition!" I understand that she has lost some independence and she must be grieving this loss but don't understand why she is holding on to pride (it seems). In the meantime, I am just watching and hearing about all of her unnecessary stresses (rent, car problems...etc...which makes her pain worse) What am I doing wrong and what can me and my family do to help her?


Mojoneo - August 26



Robin1237 - September 19

I know what she and fibromyalgia sufferers have: we have Lyme disease! !This is a bacterial infection generally acquired from being bitten by an infected tick, but can also come from other insects as well as human transmission. The bacteria inflame our nerves and soft tissue. We generally need antibiotics, plus people are also trying other treatments as well. Go to and read there. There are lots of people there helping each other. And have your sister study this site too and ask all the questions she wants. People will answer fairly rapidly. A good testing lab is Igenex( It's best to find a Lyme-treating doctor. I tested positive, and went on clindamycin antibiotics 150 mg 4x/day and my fibro symptoms went to zero in one week. But I am still dealing with it after having it for 26 years now. You can email me at [email protected] if you want.


SarahO. - December 4

I'm with Robin- there is Lyme in Texas- there is a Lyme doc there-

I had fibromyalgia form Lyme, too and we have both come here to try and let you guys know that you canbe blood negative and still have it- and you CAN get RID OF IT with longterm abx.

go to FLASH Discussion on left side
go to Medical to ask questions
go to Seeking Doctors to find your sister a doctor

she could get rid of it!!!!
I am a support group facilitator in Santa CRuz County, California, Robin is for San Francisco, and we both KNOW from firsthand experience that you can get misdiagnosed and that you can also get rid of it!!!

Call me if you want- I run a Lyme hotline from my home phone number- I can even call you back but not for long if you are far away because I'm kind of poor-
(10 minutes max for call backs far away!)
West Coast daylight hours-

SC County Lyme Disease Hotline

it took me A LOT longer than Robin to get rid of it- 9 omnths Iv Rocephin- but it was worth it- it is GONE!
Best wishes,



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