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I need some info to be able to help my Wife
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rccubed - May 3

My wife has had Fibo for 6 or more years now. The first year I didn't and couldn't understand it. I could not understand that a touch no matter how gentle could cause pain. I've don'e a lot of research on it since then and have a much better grasp of what is happening. But, I have issues of my own. I have totaled two cars, neither was my fault but I ended up with the short end of the stick. I've had 2 surgeries on my lower back that failed. I also have 3 disc in the middle of my back that are causing nerve pain 24-7. And I also have Ankilosying Spondilits. I take meds for pain and depression. While they seem to do very little I could not stand the pain with out them! I said all that to say this. I love my Wife and if I could take her pain from her, I would in a heart beat! Most of my depression stems for seeing her suffer! We lost every thing we owned when I lost my job and now she has reached the point that she can no longer work. While it's not all on account of the Fibro, she has RA and degenerative disc disease as well as spina bifida occulta. I am afraid that she is in more pain then I know. And as you might have guessed, again we are going to loose everything. But I don't care about the stuff!!! It's "Her" I want to help. I've tried to give her massages but her muscles in her back and shoulders are so stiff I can't get them to soften up and relax no matter how long I work on them! Could somebody point me to more info on how I can help her!? Please?! Thank you in advance for any and all help and advice


Jocelyn - May 3

I'm not sure what kind of pain management your wife has had. I would think she is going to a Rhuemy already. However, the stiff muscles are a touch problem. I had to go to a physical therapist to teach me how to stretch my muscles to release some of the pain. There are days that I don't mind doing it and days it is very difficult to do. I am trying to work 5 more years, but I don't know if I will make it because each year it gets worse and walking is a problem. However, my PT put me through some paces and I am able to walk pretty well now. The pain is always there, but at least I can do it. Are you both on disability? If not, you both should try to get on it. You need the help. I am very sorry to hear that both of you have major health issues. That makes it really tough. Please read some of the post, there is a lot of information within this forum that could possibly help you. Nerve pain and stiff muscle are a very difficult to resolve, but some people have done it and some people have not been able to.

I wish I had better news but you have to keep trying. If you meds are not working for you, go back and tell the doctor they are not working.

I give you credit for loving and caring so much for your wife with all your illness you are dealing with. You are such a good person.

Please let everyone on the forum know how you are doing.



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