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Massage Therapy for FMS
4 Replies
Tyler - April 11

I'm looking for some information on massage therapy for FMS sufferers. I was wondering if there is a credible online source for information on the subject that anyone knows of?


spouse of fms - February 17

I do not know of a credible source however if you fiind a qualified medical masseuse, I highly recommend it. This is the only thing that has seemed to help my husband get through all of this.


ericarose - May 23

I’m a massage therapist with a mother with Fibromyalgia. Most massage therapist ask about medical history and current ailments and pains. This is to get a perspective on how to best help you. And also some clients have compared getting a massage therapist to finding a good hairdresser. Ask others who live near you who they like and then call and ask questions till you feel comfortable. If after a session you don’t click then try another there are enough of us out there. But I really do recommend massage therapy to help


Sonja44 - June 9

Massage Therapy has been very helpful for me. I have had several severe flare ups in my arms were turning a door knob or lifting a glass of water was extremely painful. Therapeutic Massage helped me become more functional. I drink lots of water before and after any massage to help flush the lactic acid out.

I hope you find someone who is very familiar with FM...cause if they are will hurt worse for a long time. Good luck.


solanadelfina - June 13

I just had the Caribbean back therapy treatment at Aveda to help break a recent flareup. The student was a little nervous at first when I told her about the fibro, but I explained what it was and we had good communication.

It was HEAVENLY. The massage part was deep enough to get the knots out of my back, but light enough that I only had to request less pressure once. I also enjoyed the steam and exfoliation and all the yummy things she slathered on my back.

It's nice to know that massage will work in my case. And I swear I'm not getting paid or anything, I just thought it might be a good option if someone wants to get a little spoiling but doesn't want to shell out the cash for a full-blown massage.

Have a great weekend, everybody!



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