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Sexual Issues
3 Replies
TigerLilly - March 21

My boyfriend who is a suffer of FMS for the past one and half years is now not able to have sex without, not feeling muscle pain, or tierdness in the morning. During sex everything seems fine and we both enjoy but I am now starting to feel guilty when he tells me that he feel sick. What can i do or say. The problems is only when he ejactulates. I cant explain myself very well, so hopefully someone can help me undertsand....Thank you.


mjy21 - December 30

I have a partner that has been diagnosed with FMS too, and it has greatly affected our sex together. He aches so badly from moving around during sex, that over the past 2 years, he hardly ever desires to connect sexually any more. It is very hard on me, his partner, who still is healthy, and desires him and him only. I feel a bit of guilt in asking to connect; however, I do think it is important to let our partners know that we still desire them. My therapist encourages me to tell him that even if we don't have full blown our raging sex, we should still try to be gentle and touch and be affectionate. This is very difficult for my partner because he doesn't feel good a lot of times, and would prefer to not touch or be touched at all. I looking and researching for ways around our problems. Hopefully, we'll find some way of getting the pain and fatigue and sleep deprevation under control, so he feels more sexual. Right now, with the herbs and pain that is present in his life, he barely has a libido. He does like the feeling of sex, and there are definite benefits to the sexual hormones released from having sex, but the pain that comes after interaction has mentally kept him from wanting to connect much at all. I would highly suggest that you seek some councelling if you are emotionally frustrated. If you can get your boy friend to go to therapy too, that would help as well. In my case, I have a VERY stubborn partner whom is not interested in going to councelling. Best of wishes to you.


spouse of fms - February 17

My husband has the reduced libido too. And I hesitate to say it just really isn't the same when we do have sex. As he has the muscle weakness in his legs and is very shaky during. I believe he is in a lot of pain during but also has a hard time dealing with the lack of sex. I hope this makes sense as we too have not found anything that effectively lets us continue with a" normal lovelife" either/


david251180 - March 27

ok i can help with this i am jst 26 but have been ill for a while now...ok this is maybe not for all and not a permanent solution and may mean u have to plan ur sex life in advance lol but when i know im going to get lucky :0) i take 2 tramadol 50mg tablets this boosts my energy and takes away any pain so that i can enjoy sex without the usual discomfort now ok i may not feel so hot the nxt day but it is worth it...about the sick feeling tigerlilly i did used to suffer from this and it was normally after i had ejaculated but i think this is more in the head than anything else could be to do with the fact that he is worried he's no longer bringing u the satisfaction that he once did,that he can no longer perform the way he used to due to his pain and discomfort hope this help in some way shape or form if u want to ask me anything feel free.




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