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When a child wants to take mommy's pain away
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Carolelle - July 8

I've been recently diagnoses and up until this point have tried to make the best of the situation. It is not to say that I get overwhelmed that meds haven't helpedI'm exhausted hot flashed feel like I,m going to melt and the pain is so bad. Amongst all that I have 3 young lovely understanding children as well as their father. Today as far as pain has by far been the worst yet. With this viscous thing in your life how long are you to hide so your children do not see your tears, when innocently as they see you barely be able to walk wish nothing more than to take that away. I've explained the best I could and that's what keeps me going because when I hurt they can still make me laugh and they know that's the medicine they can give me


lucky13 - July 15

My kids keep me going to, if not for them, there are many days I probably wouldn't even get out of bed.
I have 4 kids (ages 12, 4, 22mths and 9mths), I work a full time job and I am in school (I graduate in May 2012 but I can't afford to pay back my student loans yet so I will be continuing on for my Masters)so my life is crazy busy already, throw FMS in there to and I just want to collapse with exhaustion and pain. But this is all for my kids so I keep going.

I does get so aggravating, and with Fibro, it's all just a guessing game in finding what works for us. You need a good rhuemotologist that understands fibro, and a Dr who knows his meds is good to have to. My rhuemy upped my anti-depressant my family doc put me on, and sent me for a sleep study. I was diagnosised with sleep apnea and now I use a CPAP machine at night. between the meds and the machine, I can tell a big difference alreay, and when your so down and out, any difference can be a big deal. Next step, my rhuemy ordered me a TENS unit for my back and sholder pain, I am very excited about this, they helped me before when I was in PT after an accident.
Now that my energy is coming back slowly I need to start exercising again (4kids school and work I was to exhausted to find the time) I enjoy yoga and would love to try Tai chi, it is suppose to be a good option for us to.

Kids are so sweet, my 4 yr old is so understanding already, if she wants her hair up and I just can't do it she'll ask if my hands hurt and then give me a kiss and tells me she hopes I feel better. My oldest is a big help, when he notices I am having a bad day he'll empty the dishwasher without being asked to, or help his little sisters pick up thier toys.
Have you read the book Fibromyalgia for Dummies, it's a good source of info and I would suggest it to.

Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional, don't let Fibro win, hang in there.



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