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Would like to meed men supporting their gal
5 Replies
LyndellD - July 11

Hi, I have a girlfriend with fibro. I would like to meet others in the same boat as I am.


JessecaB - January 2


I am a woman suffering with fibromyalgia (and depression) and haven't been able to work since September. My boyfriend is currently supporting me financially as well as emotionally. I am sure it must be hard for him. Nobody can understand the disease unless they have it, and even then it can be hard because it varies from person to person. He doesn't really express himself to me, but I can tell he gets frustrated. Perhaps I can talk to him and see if he will exchange emails with you. It could help both of you.


chelleno5 - October 11

we all could swap e-mails .i have a partner and i have fibro we would like to meet the both of you


polar40 - October 14

Hello LyndellD,

I am new to this site and I have now registered to communicate. I have spent the past few years thumbing through FM sites and taking notes on my fiancé’s conditions, triggers, soothers, and irritants. I will have to say that from reading through these posts and countless FM fiancé has the most extreme case of FM ever documented. I am not an extremist and I tend to down play most things, but I will have to say that this girl is in some chronic pain…and I have seen the progression for 15 years. We went to college together way back in the day and she and I finally reunited two years ago. I remember going to the doctor with her a few times when she was just initiating the search for causes of her pain. Today, it’s extreme and painful for the both of us…but it’s all about loving her, taking care of her the best you can, and remaining calm and understanding. Please keep in touch on this and I will do my best to keep up with this thread.


skyrue - August 10

Hello LyndellD

I just want to say frist and formost your not alone being the spouse to someone with FMS. I knew my wife from high school and knew how energic she was and after reuniting after so many years and after she was dignoisied with FMS. I didnt believe her when she said she was in pain and I catch myself even now after being with her two years. I get so frusturated cause she dont so affection towards me at times cause all she can do is sit there or lay in the bed cause she is tired and hurting. The best advice I can give from what I have learned is research FMS learn what you can granted you will only get a small understanding of what she is going though but your not in the dark. Dont get me wrong I understand what she is goin through but i dont understand at the same time and never will. The pain aspect of FMS and depression and always have to watch what you do not to over do it, to have to relay on meds to help take the edge away. That is hard to comprened unless you go though it. Then you have the chronic fatigue which for me is even more frustruating cause my wife wakes me up snoring sometimes but from what I have read and reasearch is cause from not reaching REM sleep. Due to FMS and meds that she is taking granted she is taking sleeping pills to help get her to sleep but they only work for so long. I wont speak for all husbands or boyfriends but I know me and her fight sometimes cause we are so aggrivated cause one it is new to me still learning and to i get so frusturated having to do alot around the house and work, and not get any affection from her. One of the reasons is im a guy have to fix it i cant never will be able too. Two I was to sturborn to reach out to other people that go though this to vent or talk to so i kept it bottled up inside.

Just know there is help out there for you and for her, and sometimes it takes a slap in the face to realize that you need to reach out for support just as i have learned in the last few weeks and remember take some time for yourself hard i know cause i want to be there to help her always but she likes her quiet time too do what you like to relax and unwind and try not to feel bad cause your doing it for me that is the hardest part to turn around and get on the computer or game console and not be there 24/7 to help.

Sorry for all the misspelling it is late and wife told me i should look at this site cause she knew how i was feeling. On the bright side feel a little better have some where i can talk to others going through the same thing. if you want more than happy to give my email to anyone to talk more learn more or even vent when needed and hope the same in return


amadeus - May 26

my girlfriend has fibro and I would just like to learn from others in the same boat and sufferers about ways of giving her better emotional support because sometimes the pain (notably in her teeth, which is apparently related to fibro although apparently quite rare(?) brings her to tears..
Of course I try to comfort her, show I love and care
I think I need help here because it is so hard to stay up and bubbly when she is down like that, especially if I also happen to be tired or have had a long day...I know I need to be understanding and strong because I really love her although we've only been together 4 months...the good times are great and we are serious about each other but I would like to learn to deal with the downs better because right now I feel that they are affecting me way to much and I'm not there for her in the way I ought to be..



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