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18 and recentely Diagnosed---Help?
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samantha90 - May 7

Hi Everyone,
I have never done this before, but I could really use some help since my family does not know how I feel. I am 18 years old and I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I had back surgery at 17. I had a full disc replacement and I was fine for 6 months, but then the pain returned. I have seen 6 specialists for spines and none of which could figure out what is wrong with my back. As a result, I have developed FM. So, on top of the syndrome, I still have a back problem that no doctor can figure out and I am in immense pain all the time. I used to be a dancer and I danced my entire life. I loved it! Now, I have been reduced to no exercising. I feel hopeless and weak. I have almost all of the symptoms of FM, including memory loss, headaches, muscle twitching, vision problems, speaking problems, fatigue, and many more. So, I am reaching out to you to see if you can help me. I am working at a magazine and I will go on disability soon because it has become to strenuous to work. I can't file for a couple months though and I really need help finding ways to deal with this and what to do to make it feel better. I find it hard these days to write the correct way so please excuse the horrible English. I am already a college graduate and I am very ahead in life. This just brought me way down. My boyfriend also has cancer, which we just found out, so I feel like everything is going wrong in my life. If you have any suggestions for me, then I would really appreciate it because my life is just beginning and I feel like it is ending at the same time.
Thank you!


axxie - May 9

Dear Samanta90, god bless you, my dear, you are going through, way too much for your little hear to take it all in. I'm sorry that you feel so sad, and on top your boyfriend has cancer. Everything going wrong and you can't seem to stop the merry go-round to stop.

Take a big breath and let it all out, if you need to shout, or scream or cry on someone's shoulder please do, it will help you release some tension

Look having fibro is no easy thing, and you need to get on some treatment and pronto, before you collapse from shear exhaustion. Is there a way to talk to a councillor or maybe a friend, or just with someone is who is older and can may help you put things in perspective.

I would like for you to do one thing, and that is try to relax and when you see your doctor ask them to look at your thyroid numbers and do a vitaming b12 tests, iron defiencies and folate count.

At your age, you may need to take some vitamins to help you navigate your day to day activities. Sure it's not going to make Fibro go away, but it may help you with your day to day physical activities.

If all is fine, please see if your doctor can give you some medication, to help you treat the symptoms of fibro and also something to help you sleep. You know that sleep depravention does not help us, remembering facts or figures.

I wish I could you just hug you and tell you it's not your fault and that you will go through it, with just one day at a time.

Keep well and let us know how you feel, and if you want to rant or rave then by all means, please do so, there will always be someone who will have something to say to help you out.


solanadelfina - May 10

Hi, Samantha. Welcome to the forum and please bring as many questions as you have, and we'll do what we can to answer them. And don't worry about the English- we all mess up words and I see worse from my writer friends. ;)

First off, a good support system is needed. If it's possible, show your family this site and explain how you feel. On the support groups I think, someone posted a letter to "normals" explaining what life is like for us and what fibro is all about. I'd recommend printing it off. Also, have someone come with you to doctor's appointments so that they can hear what's going on. My mom comes to all of mine, even if I'm twenty-four. You might be able to find a fibro support group in your area or sometimes going to see a counselor or if you're religious, someone in your religious community.

Things tend to go better once you find a treatment system that works for you. It's very important not to judge what your whole future is like based on how you feel NOW. There are many medications out there for keeping pain under control and getting a good night's sleep.

In the meantime, there are a few things that you can do to feel better. In the winter and on cold nights, I use a heated mattress pad that feels just delicious on sore muscles. I also swear by hot baths for muscles and mind, especially with some yummy bath salts, and tea. What do you enjoy doing? What still brings you peace of mind? It's important to keep up on what hobbies you can, to bring fun into your life.

Some of us are also picky on certain foods. Sugar knocks me out, and I feel better after eating more vegetables and fruits. It can be fun to experiment with salads and stir-fries to keep the proper vitamins coming in. We also tend to be low on magnesium, so I eat almonds every day.

I wish you all the best, for yourself and your boyfriend. Feel free to come here for answers for anything you might need, and God bless.



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