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Aaaaargh---Killer Day
4 Replies
#1angelswife - December 7

I am absolutely beat---had a ballbreaker (excuse me) of a day. Got two snow calls from clients this morning---one had to go to the doctor, the other needed shovelling out. A third one called for my husband; her regular driver won't go out in the snow. Aaaargh.
We are currently sharing one vehicle, as there is no $$ to re-register my husband's van. I dropped him off to drive the dr. appointment; then I went and shovelled the other client out (150 feet of sidewalk, so help me). Then went back and picked up my husband, and we both took the third client to her job---no time to drop me at home. After that, I loaded up the van and went to the laundromat; I got two weeks worth of laundry done. Came back home, unloaded the van, turned it over to my husband so he could go back and pick up the same client from her job and take her back home. I drank 4 cups of coffee, got a second wind of sorts, cleaned out the fridge (God did it ever need it!) threw dinner together and did a total crash and burn. I am now parked on a heating pad trying to untie the square knots in my lower back. I can barely keep my eyes open even though I have a major caffiene buzz. I think I'm going to bed early!
The rest of the week promises to be no easier, especially with more snow on the way. I need a serious vacation!
Whew---I feel better now. Nice to have a space where I can vent.


Rahiin - December 7

Yeah that sounds like a rough day, to say the least. What exactly is your job, I've never heard of a job that the driver goes, shovels you out, and then drives you someplace lol.


#1angelswife - December 7

I actually own a landscape construction business---I design, build and maintain gardens. In the winter I do other things for some of the older clients, like shovelling, driving them places, shopping for them, etc..I have to start organizing a basement for one tomorrow. It is a way to make extra income because we don't have much after my real work stops. I also help a friend clean houses. I don't mind the work, but I do sometimes wish we were wealthier---then I could really relax when I needed to and not worry about the bills. It's tough when you have to choose between your health and the budget. But I have this bad habit of getting hungry, lol.


axxie - December 8

If I could do half of what you did in one day I'd be happy. No, I understand when you have to pay the bills. etc...

I just hope you do get to sleep. I haven't sleep well for three nights straight, having body aches, brain dead, restless and when I started sleeping I wake up in sweat.

Well sometimes I'm so fibro fog that it takes me a few days to figure out what my problem is.

I have been taking steriod for my asthma, and taken double dose a few hours before going to bed, no wonder I couldn't fall asleep.

Today, was the best, I finally slept well by morning, husband wakes me up to go to work, sorry dear I'm wiped out, staying in bed, I don't care. An hour after, daughter tries to wake me up and I tell her the samething. I finally woke up by 10:30 and felt ok. In my haste this morning I did not take my thyroid, so of course you tend to be cold all day.... at least no sweats all night like previous nights.

Was able to send email to boss to tell her I wasn't feeling well enough, but that I forgot to send this email to another person, can you do for me, as I can't remember how to spell his last name. She pointed out in my email, that I had the correct spelling. Talk about being stupid.

As for the snow, I'm real happy we didn't get hit, we hardly had any, it passed right by and changed direction and the east part got it and we didn't.

It's getting cold outside and snowing a wee bit, so no luck for cold weather, hoping we get a mild winter like last year, at least I won't suffer too much with fibro.

Anyway, maybe I'll send you my backyard pix and you can propose what I can do. hehe.....

I'm in Canada by the way,,,,, I figure you are in the States to have been hit with the snowstorm.

As for trying to get more money, I know, we in Canada are taxes are so high that we mainly work to get roughtly 47% of our income, and that's not taking into account that the province takes roughtly 13% on everything you buy.

I go shop in Syracuse all time, it may be a few hours from home, but I save a bundle, but now that the NY has an 8% sales tax, it's not as good saving.


Rahiin - December 8

Hmmmm that is very interesting. You've combined many types of services into one business, very creative ;).
I understand about paying the bills, you gotta do what you gotta do. You just gotta pace yourself and if you can't get everything done in one day, theres no shame in calling it done early. You should be proud that you can get all that done in one day, that would even be a challenge for me lol.
Hope the rest of your days are easier.



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