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addicted to pot-any advice?
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fibrospirit - February 16

hi guys-its been a while scince i last posted.
not as bad as it sounds,i've come along way in the last couple of years-from dinking and smoking all day everyday to 5 light beers and a joint on a friday arfternoon.
Ive only recently achieved this after getting out of a toxic,abusive reationship and also changed alot for the better scince then including diet.
This all started out well as i have a positive attidue,a way of talking myself into being better and a determined mindset. When i "had" flareups, id graciously accept them and wait patiently till they passed.Now, without the blinders of beer,pot and a dramatic partner im finding the flare ups frustrating and have resorted to smoking pot on several occasions.
i am determined to keep trying-im not smoking enough to affect my life,i just dont want to slip back into old habits-not only that -i just dont want to smoke anymore,iwant to become a foster carer in the future and want to have my shit together for that...and me of course!
any tips on how i can avoid the temptation,it happens in the evening when i am bored.
thanks for listening and not judging,ill look forward to any suggestions


January - February 19

Are you using the pot to help fibromyalgia flares? If you're in a med. marijuana state, I don't know if this would count against you, but you could check with a doctor or social worker. Depends on how responsibly you are using it too.

You have given up a lot already, so good for you. You can do this too if you want. You said you are smoking "in the evening when I am bored." Maybe you could find something to structure your time? A class? A new hobby that you love? Meetings at AA or NA? (They might have some good advice on what you can do, and the social support might really help to fill in the loss of your relationship.)

Make sure you're taking vitamins and mineral supplements along with your healthy diet, as long as your doctor thinks it's OK. Sometimes I think we don't get enough from our food supply any more… good luck, hope it all turns out the best for you!



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