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Beside having Fibromyalgia who here has rosacea
20 Replies
athena - June 7

Beside having Fibromyalgia who here has rosacea


Lisa - May 25

I do.


Chris - June 1

I've been told recently that I have rosacea, but still need to confirm it. Chlorine and other chemicals in water don't help, does sunlight bother you?


Meg King - June 7

I do - for years. Sun and stress make it worse. It's a tradeoff - if you want a suntan then expect more spider veins, There is a method to revove them and a dermatologist will help you with that. Also use metro-gel topical clear gel. That helps or whatever your doctor prescribes. I find it annoying but no big deal. Usually people from NE Europe get Roscaea. My ancestors are from Scotland and Germany. Bingo - I got is when I turned about 45 years old. :-)


Susan61 - June 26

I've had rosacea for 17 years. I have been using Metro cream; not Metro Gel. Metro Gel has alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol burns my face vs. putting something on it that is soothing to my already irritated skin. I've also noticed that my hormone changes throughout the month causes my rosacea to flair up. During bad flairups I've used minocycline (sp?) 50mg capsules to get the rosacea under control. Interesting on the response from Meg King - my ancestors are also from Scotland. And found out that an aunt of mine from Scotland also suffered with rosacea (at that time nobody knew what it was). Best Wishes to You!


oakey - August 29

Hi - this is interesting to me, because I have just been diagnosed with fibro after 18 months of classic symptoms. I am now getting a really red face! especially after being outside walking. Is this another symptom?? Is there anything that you do to help it?



Robin1237 - September 20

I think this is Lyme disease, and yes, people with Lyme report having rosacea. Go read at and see what you think. We can get tested and treated for Lyme by knowledgeable doctors.


Heather G - October 8

Yes, I have had rosacea for many years. Last year I was diagnosed with dermatomyositis and then fibromyalgia as a secondary problem triggered by the dermatomyositis.


LDovey - January 4

I have had it for years....before being diagnosed. I always thought it was a separate condition, but looking back, I see the pain flare ups starting years ago and finally bursting onto the scene full blown and constantly one year ago this month. I am not taking anything for the rosacea but use a cover up makeup to deal with the stares.


lemonwafer - January 4

I had a brief episode of rosacea a few years ago.


mags - March 19

I've been developing fibro and rosacea for the last two years or so, very gradually (of course I just recently figured out that's what they were). I just started to get bad rosacea flare-ups, though--it might have to do with PMS. Genetically, my Irish fourth probably has something to do with it...


mags - March 19

I've been developing fibro and rosacea gradually for the last two years or so, but I just recently figured out what they were. I just had a really bad rosacea flare-up last night, probably cause I'm PMS-ing...I'm all northern european genetically


greeneyedlady138 - December 6

I do too, both are full blown.


kiwigal - January 6

I have rosacea and have noticed what started off as blushed cheeks has become noticeable spidery veins since the onset of this hellish condition. Have had red cheeks from childhood and am of Irish descent. I hear IPL laser treatment is the way to go for the split veins on the cheeks - yet another expense yay!


bthompson - February 1

I was diagnosed with rosacea about 1 year after FMS. I have used antibiotics, perscription gels and silver nitrate. The best so far is a combination of the gel, silver nitrate and evening primrose oil.


axxie - February 7

I still have it, I was given Rosacia creme, it works, that reminds me I'll need to get the good doctor to prescribe more. Nothing else helps. I especially get it hard when I drink something I must be allergic too.


Jen1982 - February 17

I do, although my dr. has not yet figured out whether i have fibro or not though.



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