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Blurred Vision
5 Replies
cskingle - July 27

I have been experiencing blurred vision for the past 6 to 8 months. I have had my prescription changed 3 times in the past three months. Has anyone experienced this, and if so, had any success in treating it? My Doctor has changed my meds from Amytriptylline (spelling?) at 200 mg at bedtime to 25 mg of Imipramine at bedtime. I'm a little more than concerned about discontinuing the Elavil one day and starting the new medication the next.


cskingle - September 2

I forgot to add that the vision problems are only occurring in the left eye and that I have been through every test that the eye doctor has and he says my eyes are in perfect health.


Jean - September 3

Fibromyalgia will affect the muscles of the eye. It did with me. I had blurring of the right eye and could not get it fixed. Went to 7 optomitrists and had several different prescriptions. Finally two years later it showed up on a test. I began having double vision. This is corrected with a prism. Ask your eye doctor to check and see if your muscles in both eyes are working together.


doreen - July 19

I am having trhe same problem. My left Eye onny will go blurrey. Went to the Eye surgeon who did my catarac surgery, He said nothing is wrong if it comes back they want to do a cat scan.


Nancy - July 27

yes some days I do not even need glasses, and I have biofocals go figure. When I went to the eye doctor she said that they really have to do the exam when your vision is at its best. I asked what about when it is at its worst she did not have an answer. I am only taking hormones.


stephanie - July 27

Yes.. i sometimes have blurred vision, Ive been to all the dr's..eye, brain, etc.. I think this is somewhat common with Fibro.. Also look into seeing an ENT.. sometimes the sinuses can do some funky stuff to the vision.. mine do..which does include blurred or goofy vision.



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