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Burning abdominal pain in upper abdomen
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This has been going on almost 3 months. I have lost almost 30 lbs due to feeling of fullness after eating even a small meal...feels like there is a blowtorch in my upper abdomen. Thought it was GI-related. Had colonoscopy & stomach scope. Was diagnosed with mild to moderate gastritis (stomach inflammation) & prescribed protonix. Gastroenterologist said I would feel better in 2-3 weeks. That was Jan. 31st. I have had no change in symptoms.

I have light-colored "wierd" stool that is not normal. But I don't know if it's related to the abdominal pain. I have burning back pain; now I am wondering if the upper abdominal pain is related to fibromyalgia? That's actually my worse nightmare come true--how will it ever go away? The pain is CONSTANT, relentlessly unrelenting. My PCP actually implied it's all in my head & prescribed seroquel 100 mgs. Hell no, I'm not taking that. I'm already on prozac 40 mg. Seroquel does nothing for pain.

Please someone give me some hope. How can nerve pain cause loss of appetite & feeling of fullness? I just want to be able to eat normally again & for the constant abdominal burning to stop!


MarymPed - May 7

I was wondering if they have checked your gallbladder. Or at least your bilirubin levels?



Thanks for your response.

Snce I posted this, I have been diagnosed with abdominal neuralgia. I've also had two episodes of acute pain where I vomited brown liquid which I've been told was bile.

I've had a lot of lab work done as well as abdominal CT scans & stomach xrays. Wouldn't those scans have revealed problems with gallbladder?? I don't know what lab tests have been done. Wish I could get copies of blood work.

I am no longer on the seroquel--it seemed to give some relief but began causing awful tingling in feet. I'm now on 900 mgs of neurontin. I am able to eat better (no more early satiation) but pain is stil constant.

I have an appt. to see a neurologist. Not sure what a doctor who treats serious illness such as ALS, brain tumors, MS, etc., can do for abdominal nerve pain.

I hope I will get more replies!!


MarymPed - May 10

That really sounds terrible and it sounds like you've been through a lot. I wonder if any alternative therapies would help. I'm a physician's daughter and really never thought I'd bring up accupuncture and massage therapy, but it seems to be helping my husband who had three failed foot surgeries--two arthrodesis procedures and a toe implant.


MarymPed - May 30

How are you doing? Did you go to the neuro? When I worked at a school in the nurse's office I learned that people--mostly kids, I thought--can get a stomachache that's really a migraine, just not in the head. We had a couple students with the condition. Maybe you have something like that?



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