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Beone - February 9

Hi team
well what a wonderful condition this fibro is, it tests all our skills, but this dizziness is driving me nuts, im staggering around like a drunk without having the pleasure of feeling relaxed, and dare i say it pissed. im thinking of taking up drinking so i would have an excuse to feeling dizzy, i have noticed that i am worse just before earthquakes which we have alot of small ones here in new zealand
most never get mentioned but i look at the geo web sites after i have a bad spell and most of the time we have had some shifting going on. is anyone else been dizzy at this time as i also suspect that fibro people may also feel the earth being hit by solar flares as well. any comments would be appreciated. these things just help to keep us learning about this condition and how strange it can be at times and how sensitive we can be.
love Beone


Canada17 - February 9

What an interesting connection!

I like the term "canary in the mine" to help explain our Fibromyalgia (FM). This is because I find we are all so sensitive to even the slightest difference in the "norm" and to changes in our environment.

The fact that you tend to have dizzy spells before an earthquake makes perfect sense to me. I would imagine that you get motion sick easily? Sounds like you may have an inner ear issue that is causing your balance to be off which, in turn makes you feel dizzy. Or perhaps you are sensitive to earthquakes (even small ones) and living in an active area is a compounding issue for you. You know, animals can detect earthquakes, so maybe your ears are just that sensitive!

Oh, I find this exciting! I found the following page: w w w . earthquake -prediction . e u / ear . html (just remove all the spaces). You may find it interesting. I know tinnitus can cause dizziness...

Keep us posted on this issue. Do you have any ear problems/issues?


Beone - February 9

yes i did have ear ache a week ago and do get ringing in the ears. so it will have something to do with that. Also they found in the 70s i think, that whales were guided by magnetite in the brain and that the earths magnetic field was shifting and that was why the whales beached themselves, They didn't think to look for magnetite in the brains of humans till much later i think it was the 90s, and they did find it. it is also interesting to note that the main cause of our condition was lack of good sleep and that our brain waves look for the 7.8hz pattern to sleep well and now the earths vibration has gone from 7.8hz to 11 and more some say 13hz so no wounder why our brains cannot rest or get out of the fight flight mode. we dont feel at home any more.

love Beone,


ptalana - February 9

Hi Beone, this is really fascinating. I've never really thought too much about our sensitivities other than how the cold and rain affects my pain.
I also suffer with extreme dizziness mine is due to vertigo from a head injury, do you also experience fainting spells? I have had days where I've fainted as many as three times:(
Canada is correct in that this could very well be related to an inner ear problem. You may want to see a ear nose and throat specialist.
I always knew that we fibro sufferers were special, this is just more proof of that:]
Hope you can get your dizziness under control, I know it's extremely debilitating. I've lost my driver's licence due to my vertigo.
Wishing you well, Patty


Canada17 - February 10


I tried posting another response last night but it doesn't seem to have worked...hmmmm

Basically (because I can't actually remember what I wrote lol and it was so well worded!) I was suggesting that you might try ear plugs to see if they help with your dizziness. This is based on the fact that you say you are very sensitive to even the mildest of earthquakes in your region. Plus the fact that you may be "hearing" these vibrations with the tiny little hairs in your ears - like animals do.

This may work, if it is in your ear where your dizziness originates. Otherwise, if it's the magnetite theory in your brain, then the ear plugs would have no effect. It would still be an interesting experiment and rather harmless.

Maybe I'm way off....


Odette from Napier - October 27

Hi Beone
Where in NZ are you? i have been experiencing dizziness too and have just connected them to earthquakes. I have also been diagnosed with fibro. Would be keen to connect with you to see if you know more about what this means.


Beone - October 27

Hi Odette, kia ora,
nice to hear from a fellow Kiwi. I'm in Dunedin, Ive been studying this subject for a while to try and heal myself. I have quite a few theory's about what is going on, not all appropriate for this site maybe, as they are not medical as such, more spiritual. If you want to know about them drop me your email address and ill get back to you.


Odette from Napier - October 28

Hey Beone
Kia ora to you :-)
Apprently I am not allowed to send my email address to you (I tired and got told off - hehe). You can text me on 027 417 2943 and I can send my email address to you that way if you like. I am happy to hear about spriritual theories...



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