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Does anyone else fall
3 Replies
Ferf30 - January 25

I am new to this site and was excited to find it. SInce I was 14 I have had pain in my thigh along with knotts. I was in soccer and was told my coach that if they hurt I wasn't in shape so in my mind I thought everyone felt like this. As the years have gone on the pain has continued to get worse. I have been to several doctors and some think I need to be in therapy others think I am making to much of it. It was to the point I wonder if it was in my head. I was at work and realized that I had to start writting everything down because I was forgetting things and that my legs were hurting so bad and I was stumbling more and more. I worked at a Conv. Hospital so stumbling and falling was dangerous to the patients. My falling has become a major problem. I have bruises and cuts from these falls. It's been the last 2 years that it's put me in bed which is not good because I have 5 teenage boys. I have done reaseach on my "symptoms" and I have so many listed with the Fibro. I go to the Doctor on Feb 1 and I am going in informed, thanks to a lady I ran into at the Bass Pro Shop. She gave me validation! She understood me. I do have a supportive family. I am so thankful for them. I am really good at beating myself up because I have a bad day and can't make it down the stairs. I just want to feel human again. I miss my go go go attitude. I am tired all the time can't sleep for more then 2 hrs without waking up. There are days I wanna take my dang legs off and put them on a shelf! I am going ot start a new eating plan as the reseach says it help. I am on vitamins now and trying to hard to do what I need to do to feel like me again. I miss me! I miss playing with my kids.


MM39 - January 26

I am also new to this site. I found this forum while I was reading about any new therapies or treatments. Something was said in your (Ferf30)post that hit home..."I miss me". I have been diagnosed with fibro for several years now. I just turned 38 and when I found out about it I was still young and set my mind to working out and eating right and taking the vitamins. My mom passed away about a year ago and had been taking chemo for 4 years prior. She spent a month in the hospital and 6 weeks at home before she passed away. It was very easy for me to stop my workout routine and grab a snickers on the way to her house or eat all the pies people were bringing over. It's been a year and I'm just now starting to work out again and starting to eat a healthy diet again. But, I'm doing it because this is the worst winter I've ever had with my fibromyalgia...I have never been in this much pain, I am only sleeping roughly 3-4 hours a night (with my lyrica), I am dizzy all the time, and I am so exhausted that there are days I can't even get dressed. The whole point of this is...when I was working out and eating right and taking care of myself, those were the best years I had. There is something to it and I know how hard it is and how bad it hurts, but it does work! Ask your doctor about a natural muscle relaxant called Formula 303. It helps with the stiffness and tightness so I can get through the day and if I want to exercise. And to the falling... I fall a lot and used to when I was first diagnosed. It was because of the dizziness I think??


Rahiin - January 27

Hi Ferf,

I am glad that you found this site and that you have a supportive family. Your condition sounds serious so it is good that you are going to a doctor. Do not listen to the doctors who tell you that it's all in your head or that you just need therapy. That's BS. They're only saying that so you will go someplace else so they don't have to work with you. They're lazy.

MM has some good advice, even though it is hard to get up, excersise, and do daily tasks, you still gotta try and do them, otherwise you'll end up like a vegetable. And if there's some days where you just can't get outta bed, that's ok, don't get down on yourself for it. With fibro, you just have to accept that there are some days where nothing is getting done. But don't make that too many days lol.

There is something that people call "Fibro Fog," when you forget things, can't remember things, can't concentrate or pay attention, not that it is any fault of your own, that's just one of the symptoms of fibro.

I am dizzy and pass out a couple of times a day, now whether that's fibro or something else I can't say for certain. Make sure to tell your doctor about your falling though. But fibro does cause extreme fatigue, dizziness, and sometimes vertigo, so that might be the reason for your falling.

I know what you mean about not being able to do things that you once did. I played soccer too a lot when I was younger. I can play sometimes, but not on a team like I used to. I hope the doctor visit goes well and that you keep us updated on your situation.


shelllc79 - February 24

lol i fall all the time. I even break stuff when i fall. My husband, kids and rest of my family alway make jokes about it, witch is fine with me gotta find humor some how. They will say, "well dont let shell do that cause she will break something...ha ha ha". So yes, I fall too.



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