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Does Fibro make you more likely to catch other illnesses?
4 Replies
t3apps - January 18

It seems like anytime I manage to go out and rejoin the real world for a bit, I end up with a sinus infection, a cold, or - like this time - pneumonia. Does anyone know if FMS has a direct impact on your immune system? It's bad enough to always feel like you have the flu - without actually getting it!


nikita3 - January 20

I've had Fibromyalgia for about six years now, but was only diagnosed six months ago. Up until halfway through last year I was like you in that whenever I tried to do "normal things" or exert myself in any small way, I would end up with cold/flu symptoms. I would feel totally exhausted from the sneezing and I was constantly out with the tissues. It was impossible to get on with doing anything unless I went and had a sleep and that was the only way I knew how to get the symptoms to subside. I thought I was suffering from some kind of immune system disease, getting sick all the time, but I didn't know what it was. I'd been to countless doctors like many of the other people - with no answer. Anyway, I started taking 500 mg of Vitamin C every night before bed as I knew I didn't eat much fruit and vitamin C is meant to help prevent colds/flu. This worked really well and last year I didn't even get a cold. I am susceptible to hayfever and have sniffles here and there, but I no longer live with those debilitating, continual, cold/flu type symptoms.


alinabryan - October 16

Hi I have fibromyalgia,am 32 with a little boy an lately I just keep picking bugs up,in three weeks,iv had two tummy bugs,an flu,is this normal.x


Jocelyn - October 18

When my children were young and brought home everything you can imagine from school. I caught it. I do not have a very strong immune system. I never have. When I get sick, I get really sick. I have sever allergies so that doesn't help. With Fibro, it does wear you down, and just that can weaken your immune system. Try finding some supplements to help boost your immune system like the Vitamin C mentioned in the above post.

It can't hurt!

Take care.


boomer - November 14

i have just been diagnosed with it but i've had fibro for at least the last 3yrs. and i stay sick. i was beginning to think i had cancer or somthing. because of my weakened immune system.



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