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fibro Asthma frustration
8 Replies
Beone - March 7

Anyone else develop Asthma with fibromyalgia. Ive been to docs on and off over the last 6 to 9 months with breathing problems, gone from Bronchitis, to Asthma, to not sure, to chest infection, to this is not normal, to Asthma again, Ive seen 3 different doctors too. The thing is they want me to have an inhaler, and I'm scared what it might do to me, as i got Fibro years ago from gas poisoning reaction and Ive had this now for 12 years. i feel stuck, So i don't want to put gas in my body that's not normal, my chest is sore in the ribs and ligaments to the armpits and the nerves give me a hard time. here i am 52 years old male, 3 children, and 5 grand children. I wasn't afraid of anything played all sorts of sports was super fit, now i cant go anywhere, this condition is tough, I get pissed at these people on the net that say they can cure this condition if you go to there clinic, or buy this or that, and there on the other side of the world, but get the book then and you will be ok, (yea right), Ive tried heaps of stuff, This is my body i want to help it and i just don't know what to do.
Thank you anyone who reads this for letting me vent, and sorry for wimping on.

love to you all Beone,


kagicre - March 14

Hi Beone,

I have a similar problem, but I don't think you develope Asthma with fibro. You have fibromyalgia (diagnosed???) and now you developed asthma. I have fibromyalgia since the early 80s (nobody knew anything about it) and got diagnosed in 1992 (nobody still didn't know anything about it) and I have all kinds of allergies (as far as I know, most fibros have lots of allergies) and they come and go. I used to have really bad allergies to cat hair and dog hair, but now I have a dog and no allergies, most of the time. I reacted to animal allergies through asthma and running nose and swollen eyes. I still get asthma so now and then, don't really know what triggers it, it can be simple stress in most cases, but also fumes and cold smoke (my husband still can stay away from cigarettes on and off). Since we moved to Colorado Springs (we still live in a motel) around 2 1/2 months ago I developed breathing problems (asthma) and chronic cough. I don't have it every day, but most days and I wonder if it has to do with the high altitude together with my fibromyalgia. I don't know, and I don't have health insurance and doctors most of the time don't have a clue anyway, right?
Any you are so right, I really get pissed off about media who want to make us believe it is curable. They still don't know what it is the reason to have it or get it and so they don't know a cure.
The best thing is if you find a doctor who does alternative medicine or go to a homeopathy doctor, I am German and used to go to doctors like that. They can't cure you, but they might be able to help to feel better.
Hey, and venting is what keeps us sane, right? Take care.


MarymPed - May 7

I also was told I had asthma when i first visited a pulmonary doc about 7 years ago. My main symptom was sore throat and fatigue. The sore/red throat went away when I was put on Savella for fibro. Yes, I know that's weird, but I am an intelligent person (plus my own dad is a retired family physician) and I am constantly mystified by this condition and its strange symptoms and my own paradoxical reactions to certain medicines. I do not believe that I have asthma, because I always 'pass' the spirometer tests with flying colors. I believe that CFS/fibro somehow alters the normal mucus of the body and that is what led to my sore throat. I still have a flat, lighter area on the back of my palate where most of the corrosive, draining mucus that must have caused my sore throat drained down. Again, I know this is weird...


kagicre - May 10

MarymPed, you aren't weird, fibromyalgia is weird:-) But it always is good to hear from other fibros with similar symptoms, just so you know, you are not alone, especially when something new comes up. When my fibromyalgia started with every new symptom I kind a freeked out and went to my doctor (I am from Germany so insurance was never an issue, till I moved to the USA) and often enough they didn't know what was going on with me.
Now I look at my symptoms, like if they make any sense at all and if not I am pretty sure they are part of my fibromyalgia and hope they won't last to long. Lots of my symptoms come and go.


MarymPed - May 10

I'm new to this forum, so I haven't scoured the posts to see if anyone has mentioned this yet, but some people treat fibro symptoms with guaifenesin. I googled'why is guaifenesin a fibro treatment' and found out that originally it was thought to be a muscle relaxant--before being used to treat mucus. I had a sore, red, throat for almost 4 years, with what seemed to be mucus in my throat. I take guaifenesin almost everyday, along with Savella, and that gross mucus problem has disappeared. Hope this helps someone else...


kbeaton - May 13

hi i couldnt believe my eyes when was reading this post. I also suffer fibromliagia and am 30 yrs of age was diagnosed at 18yrs. I have since then been to thailand where i went into respiatorty attack in the jungle follewed by 48 hrs of vommiting stuggling to breathe, saying i love yous to partner as thought i was dying. i then came home and since then have had severe atchma and cannot breathe without concentraing on trying to get breaths through. i am seeing a lung specialist who sent me for a lung test which i failed. they have put me on a pulmhber puffer things and i hesisate to take it as feels it doesnt do anything and fear its making things worse. I am so stuck and have no idea what to do feel like the circles with the specialists are creating more problems while the main ones go unrecognised. i have had to cancel a trip to balli for mates wedding as terrfied i will be suffocating or have another attaack and this time not make it through.. i will be writing a book soon with the conection of stress fibro and asthma issues that i rally think there is a link that peopple are missing. Its so hard, and my partner wants me to get pregnant however i am scared i struggle to cope now i will be a failer as a mother or unable to cope with the pain and it will become a burden and not a joyfful expreience.. so much fear attached to this illness.


MarymPed - May 13

kbeaton: My advice is to try the inhaler (or did the doc give you a nebulizer?) If you are having trouble breathing it could save your life. Otherwise, if you are mucus-y, like I was, maybe you could try the guaifensin. My asthma inhaler makes my heart race--but I also passed those breathing tests so I don't think I really need it.


kagicre - May 13

Yeah, there is a book out there about guaifenesin and it seems to help some, but it doesn't help me. I used primatene and it does help, but you can't get it and the replacement asthmanefrin is a pain in the a....., very expensive and not working good, at least for me. I don't have insurance so I don't have much choice.
I live now in Portland and as soon as we have found an apartment and we have settled in (we live in a motel) I will search the net for alternative medicine practitioner, like TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and homeopathy. I had doctors like that in Germany and they did a great job helping to manage my symptoms. And I too believe that fibromyalgia, breathing problems and stress are related. When I am under stress my fibromyalgia flares up big time. It sucks. Yeah, kbeaton, fear also triggers all kind of symptoms. I try to calm my mind with meditation when I am very stress out. Use your inhaler (or puffer thingy :-) and try to find a doctor that has experience with alternative medicine and fibromyalgia. I know, that won't be easy, but they are out there. Main stream medicine often have no clue what it means to suffer from fibromyalgia and the crazy symptoms we can have. Also I would recommend to see if there is a self-help group in the area where you live. It helps to find other people like you and understand what you are going through.


jlkeene - May 13

62 year old male. When I was diagnosed with Fibro in 1994 (age 43) I had been riding my bike 20 miles a day, playing on 2 softball teams and rehabbing a house. Diagnosis was confirmed again when I was at the Cleveland Clinic for another matter in 2007. Beginning about 1996 I would be awakened at night with severe constriction in my trachea making it impossible to inhale and when it finally would relax my stomach would be filled with air and I would begin vomiting. It reached the point where I was afraid to go to sleep lying down as it took too long to get up.

Through the years I learned if I calmly tried to breath very slowly through my nose I could get the symptoms to subside more quickly and eventually if it happened when I was awake, I could usually prevent complete closure. Didn't have an option to try an inhaler as my original doctor had retired and I hadn't found a suitable replacement, but probably would have as nothing else seemed to have any effect. Wishing you success in your quest, if it was me I would try the inhaler but I understand your reluctance.



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